I'm just honing to see him to tell him that if he values his health he'll drop that scheme at the close of the year, which closes to-day." "O John, is that what yo' father I don't evm say yo' pious mother taught you to be?" "No, sir; my father begged me to be like my mother. And I tried, sir, I tried hard! No use; I had to quit. Strange part is I've got along better ever since.

Tombs, you don't know who you're talking about!" "Yes, I do, brotheh. I was jess so! An' s' I, he'll pull through! His motheh's prayers 'll prevail, evm if mine don't! An' now, when ev'ybody sees you a-changin' faw the better " "Better! Great Sc " "Yes, an' yet 'ithout the least sign o' conversion I say, s' I, it's restrainin' grace! Ah! don't I know?

"He barely touched him," was the disappointed reply of one. "Thank the Lawd faw evm that little!" responded another. Shotwell pulled March away, Halliday following. Near the rear door "Johnnie," began the General, with an air of complete digression, but at the woebegone look that came into the young man's face, the old soldier burst into a laugh.

"Ef Gyarnit'd vote faw the things o' one common welfare an' gen'l progress an' program, folks an' niggers too could affode faw him to vote faw somepm fat oncet in a while an' to evm take sugar on his vote an' would sen' him to the ligislatur' stid o' me. Thass not sayin' I eveh did aw does take sugar on my vote.

"But he couldn't p'ocure a sufficient concawdence o' my fellow-citizens; much less o' they wives naw evm o' mine! No, seh! They brought in they verdic' that jess at this junction it'd be cal'lated to ungendeh strife an' could on'y do hahm." He giggled again. "My politics save me, seh! They always will. An' they ought to; faw they as pyo as the crystial fountain."

But I uz bawn sassy. I ought to be jess ashame' o' myseff, talkin' dat familious to a gen'leman o' yo' powehs an' 'quaintances. Why you evm knows Mr. Mahch, don't you?" "Who, me? Me know Johnnie Mahch? Why, my dea' escuse my smile o' disdaain why Johnnie Mahch why why, I ra-aise' Johnnie!" "Why, dee Lawdy! Does you call him Johnnie to his face?" "Well, eh not offm ve'y seldom.

"Is that your worst?" said the Englishman; "ye should know some of ours!" "O, yes, seh," exclaimed Shotwell, "of co'se ev'y country's got 'em bad enough. But here, seh, we've not on'y the dabkey's natu'al-bawn rascality to deal with, but they natu'l-bawn stupidity to boot. Evm Gen'l Halliday'll tell you that, seh."

"Ravenel!" suggested Champion, but Jeff-Jack quietly replied, "Father Tombs," and five or six others repeated the call. The pastor rose. "I'm most afraid, my dea' friends an' brethren, I oughtn't to try to speak to this crowd. I'm a man of words and not of deeds, an' yet I'm 'fraid I shan't evm say the right thing. I belong to the past.

Yass, I'm jess that se'f-sacrificin'. I'm gen'ous as the whistlin' win'. An' I'll neveh whisp' a breath o' all this shaameful procedu'e evm to my dear frien' March, ef so be that an' so long as yo' gratichude seh?

Johanna, I wish, betwixt the Doctor an' you, you could make him look betteh. His load of usefulness is too great. I declare, Brother Coffin, he was that tiud this evenin' that evm here, where you'd expect him to seem fresh and happy in his new joy, he looked as if, if it wa'n't faw the wrong of the thing, he'd almost be willin' to call upon the rocks and the mountains to fall on him and hide him.