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An' nows an' thens a gert white ullet would coom fleein' through t' boughs, an' all t' time there were lile bats flutterin' about ower t' watter an' coomin' so close agean Doed they ommost brushed his face wi' their wings. "Doed was wellnigh flaid to deeath, but for all that he couldn't tak his een off o' t' squirrels; they'd bewitched him, had t' squirrels.

'Well, I'm baan to wrostle wi' Him, an' if He flings me aw shannot ax yo' to pick me up, noather. 'Thaa mun say, "Thy will be done," Deborah. 'Nowe! never to th' deeath o' yon chilt. 'Doesto say thaa willn't? 'Yi, Amos, aw do! Then Amos turned away, groaning in spirit at the rebellious hearts of the children of men.

Now and again she sobbed in her slumber a sob that shook her soul but she slept, and sleep brought peace and oblivion. 'Sleep on, lass, sleep on, and God ease thi poor heart, said the old Granny, as she held the woman's hand in hers. 'Thaa's hed both thi travails naa; thaa's travailed i' birth, and thaa's travailed i' deeath, like mony a poor soul afore thee.

I know summat as what Hagar felt when hoo said, "Let me not see th' deeath o' th' child" I do so. The younger woman wept, and the tears brought relief to her pent-up heart. She had found a mother's ear for her mother's sorrow; and the after-calm of a great grief was now falling over her.

'He geet rheumatic fayver six year sin', when he poo'd it aat o' Green Fowd Lodge; and now he's getten welly worried to deeath by savin' it fro' that bull-terrier o' Oliver's o' Deaf Martha's. 'Ay! they'n welly done for us both this time, hevn't they, Captain? faintly said Moses, addressing the dog, and extending his hand wearily for a canine caress. 'But aar time 'll come.

An' then, at after that, he geet his arm broken; an' soon after he'd getten o'er that, he wur nearly brunt to deeath i' one o'th pits at Ratcliffe; an' aw haven't quite done yet, for, after that, he lee ill o'th rheumatic fayver sixteen week. That o' happen't i' two years' time. It's God's truth, maister. Mr Lea knows summat abeawt it an' he stons theer.

Melsh Dick was no langer sittin' anent him, an' there was niver a squirrel left i' t' trees; all that he could clap een on was t' espin leaves ditherin' i' t' wind an' t' lile waves o' t' dub wappin' agean t' bank. "Doed was well-nigh starved to deeath wi' cowd an' hunger, an' t' poor lad started roarin' same as if his heart would breek.

Owd Dicky o' Billy's kept telling me long, Wee s'd ha' better toimes if I'd but howd my tung, Oi've howden my tung, till oi've near stopped my breath, Oi think i' my heeart oi'se soon clem to deeath, Owd Dicky's weel crammed, He never wur clemmed, An' he ne'er picked ower i' his loife,