Cichla, frontal protuberance of male. Cimetiere du Sud, Paris. Cincloramphus cruralis, large size of male. Cinclus aquaticus. Cingalese, Chinese opinion of the appearance of the. Cirripedes, complemental males of. Civilisation, effects of, upon natural selection; influence of, in the competition of nations. Clanging of geese, etc. Claparede, E., on natural selection applied to man.

I duly excused the weakness of Mademoiselle Prefere; and, thinking only of Jeanne, with the blindness of egotism, kept asking myself all along the road, "What are we going to do with this child?" June 3. I had escorted to the Cimetiere de Marnes that day a very aged colleague of mine who, to use the words of Goethe, had consented to die.

"While I have never been introduced to him, I have some acquaintance with him, and esteem him a noble gentleman." "W'ere you meet him?" "I met him first," he said, "at the graves of my parents and sisters." There was a kind of hush after the mention, and the lady made no reply. "It was some weeks after my loss," resumed Frowenfeld. "In wad cimetière dad was?"

Then we peeped through the iron gate of the melancholy cimetière, which was full of black crosses and wreaths of immortelles. Last of all, we went to see the ruin, which stood on the summit of a steep and solitary rock in the midst of a vast level plain.

The ground beneath de Batz' feet was hard and white with the frost. Overhead the pale, wintry moon looked down serene and placid on this giant city wallowing in an ocean of misery. There, had been but little snow as yet this year, and the cold was intense. On his right now the Cimetiere des SS. Innocents lay peaceful and still beneath the wan light of the moon.

At the corner of the Cimetiere Saint Jean, D'Artagnan upset a man; it was too insignificant an occurrence to delay people so eager to get on. The troop continued its course as though their steeds had wings. Alas! there are no unimportant events in this world and we shall see that this apparently slight incident came near endangering the monarchy. An Adventure on the High Road.

"What consoles me," said the cardinal after reading the letter, "is that, at least, in this chase, D'Artagnan has done me one good turn he has destroyed Broussel. This Gascon is a precious fellow; even his misadventures are of use." The cardinal referred to that man whom D'Artagnan upset at the corner of the Cimetiere Saint Jean in Paris, and who was no other than the Councillor Broussel.

We are far from contesting the glory more difficult of attainment, or the real superiority of the Epic poets, who display their splendid creations upon so large a plan; but we desire that material proportion in music should be estimated by the same measure which is applied to dimension in other branches of the fine arts; as, for example, in painting, where a canvas of twenty inches square, as the Vision of Ezekiel, or Le Cimetiere by Ruysdael, is placed among the chefs d'oeuvre, and is more highly valued than pictures of a far larger size, even though they might be from the hands of a Rubens or a Tintoret.

Elle le regarda, l'examina et reconnut son mari; il lui parut evident qu'il faisait son retour vers la patrie et elle, mais que la mort l'avait surpris en route. Catherine fut bien plus calme apres ces evenements, mais ses forces declinerent et dans la meme annee on creusa pour elle une tombe au cimetiere de Hambach.

I am sure it is un procès. They 'av ruin him. Eh bien, my dear. I suppose we shall leave this triste place immediately. I am so rejoice. It appears to me un cimetière! 'Yes, I should like to leave it, I said, sitting up, with a great sigh and sunken eyes. It seemed to me that I had quite lost all sense of resentment towards Madame.