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Run home to Mary." She dismissed him laughingly, and Stefan catapulted himself out of the house, thereby missing the attractive Miss Berber by a few minutes. Dashing home across the Square, he flung himself on the divan with every appearance of exhaustion. "Sing to me, Mary," he implored. "Why, Stefan," she asked, startled, "wasn't it a success? What's the matter?" "Success!" he scoffed. "Oh, yes.

The dismal and sporadic attempts at conversation had slumped into an awkward silence, in the midst of which the door burst open and young Charlie catapulted into the room. "Oh, Eth! Guess who he is!" he cried. "Guess who's the boss the man the Indians call The-Man-Who-Cannot-Die'! It's Bill Carmody! And I knew him the minute I saw him, if he has got whiskers all over his face and a buckskin shirt.

A huge body catapulted into the midst of the fighters. Abigail Prim screamed. "The bear!" she cried. "The bear is loose!" Dirty Eddie was the first to feel the weight of Beppo's wrath. His foot drawn back to implant a vicious kick in Bridge's face he paused at the girl's scream and at the same moment a huge thing reared up before him.

It was a good hundred feet to the bottom a steep, grassy slope that ran to the plain and like two balls they catapulted the length of it. For Neewa it was not so bad. He was round and fat, and went easily. With Miki it was different.

Prove it!" "I'll give you a last chance, Burns," said Elsa in a level voice that contained all the concentrated hatred that Code had detected in her before. "Dismiss these charges against Code." "Never!" The word was catapulted from him as though by a muscular convulsion. "He murdered my father, and he shall pay for it!"

Both Nan and Bess received letters from home, and they ran at once to Room Seven, Corridor Four, to read them. Scarcely had they broken the seals of the two fat missives when the door was flung open and Grace Mason fairly catapulted herself into the room in such a state of excitement that she startled the Tillbury chums.

"Behaving himself, I hope, ma'am, out there in the sun by the gate." "Call him. He shall have a bone on the veranda. I want him to feel as friendly here as you do." Tom whistled shrilly and an ash-hued creature, part Great Dane and certainly part Rampore, came up the path like a catapulted phantom, making hardly any sound.

All at once the tautness went out of her, and Sira leaned against the wall, divided between laughing and crying. "Tolto and his good friends were looking for you," the big man rumbled anxiously. "The teletabloids said there was a riot coming " He got no further. The gorilla-faced pursuer catapulted himself sideways through the portal, being too wide to go through in the regular way.

As I used to do the rough-riding for my husband on his horse-breaking tours in various countries, I have had to sit a good many buck-jumpers, and, am thankful to say, I never got thrown, because, from what I have seen of men being catapulted and placed on the flat of their backs on the ground, this kind of fall must be, as Jorrocks would say, "a hawful thing."

He was a little ashamed when he recalled how he had unburdened his mind to a girl who could not possibly be interested in the political affairs of John Graham and Alaska. Well, it was not entirely his fault. She had fairly catapulted herself upon him, and he had been decent under the circumstances, he thought. He put out his light and stood with his face at the open port-hole.