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No, I can't call it a compliment, but a sincere remark, I think the first sincere one you have made to-day." "Why, what do you mean?" said Morris, looking at her in a bewildered sort of way. "You have been looking after me this morning, have you not, and yesterday morning?

That was settled alack! before we met. I am honorably bound to that poor child. She cares for me, and I can't get loose. But these last months have been happy, haven't they? There are just three weeks left.

"Well, I can't honestly say I blame him for that," retorted Thaddeus. "It only needed a balsam bed and a hole in the roof to let the rain in on him to complete the illusion." Finally, December came, and the tendencies of absenteeism on the part of the servants showed no signs of abatement. They were remonstrated with, but it made no difference.

I am sure you have chosen wisely," was the smooth rejoinder. Kitty did not shrink from looking Mona in the eyes. "It isn't quite time for congratulations yet, and I'm not sure I've chosen wisely. My family very strongly disapproves. I can't help that, of course, and I may have to elope and take the consequences."

And when at last they stopped at the new tea room and went in, the beauty and gaiety of the place made them almost forget their trouble. "I'll have cafe parfait," said Dotty, "with heaps of little fancy cakes. We can't get real FANCY cakes in Berwick, and I do love 'em!"

She keeps to herself like a little sick animal. I can't make her out at all." There was no response to Molly's knock on Otoyo's door a few minutes later, and, after a pause, she opened the door and peeped in. The blinds had been drawn, an unwonted thing with the little Japanese, who usually let the sunlight flood her room through unshaded windows.

"What's this a clinic?" he asked. "You can't go aboard that awful-looking ship without letting me give you a fresh dressing," she declared. "Lord love you, angel of mercy, I'm all right!" "It was for me. Even now you are in pain. Please!" "Pain?" he repeated. For one more touch of her tender hands! To carry the thought of that through the long, hot night!

Can't you see, by the way he looks at you, the way he holds you? It's no use your caring for him. It'll only make your little nose redder." He wouldn't mind her red nose; her little proud, high-bridged nose.

"Why, I have been ringing there for a quarter of an hour, and no one came to the door; and the house is all shut up." "Yes; and if you had ringing for a quarter of a century, it would all have been the same." "I can't understand you," said Mr. Armand. "Why, the truth is, Mr.

"Moses saw God in the burrnin' bussh, an' bowed down to it, an' worr-shipt it. It wasn't the bussh he worrshipt; it was his God that was in it. He's nothin' but a human burrnin' bussh, perhaps, but he's got the god of war in um. Adjetant Wallis, it's a long time between dhrinks, as I think ye was sayin', an' with rayson. See if ye can't confiscate a canteen of whiskee somewhere in the camp.