"Arrah, miss, sure 'tisn't pigs you're thinkin' on, an' us discoorsin' about the gintlemen from Ireland, that you're all so fond ow here; faix, miss, they're the boys that fwoight for yees, an' 'ud rather be bringing an Englishman to the sad fwhor your sakes, nor atin' bread an' butther.

The fancy of every one present was tickled at the idea of a union between Phelim and the old woman. It was followed by roars of laughter which lasted several minutes. "Oh, thin, the curse o' the crows upon him, was he only able to butther up the ould woman! Oh, Ghe dldven! that flogs. Why, it's a wondher he didn't stale the ould slip, an' make a run-away match of it ha, ha, ha!

Just then the cellar door swung open, and the great butter speculator, Mr. Michael Rafferty, walked in. He nodded his head, and gave an uneasy glance at the curtain, as much as to say "calicoes have ears." I understood it, and told him we had been very discreet. Upon which he said, "You see, they'll be afther staling my thrade, your ladyship, if they know how I manage about the butther."

"Didn't I tell your ladyship so?" said Michael. "Holy Mother!" he continued, as he pocketed the pennies, and gave the boy a short allowance of the vile stuff, "how I wish I had known how to make that butther when every bone in me body used to ache sawin' wood, and the likes o' that, to say nothing of the greater respictability of being in the mercantile profession."

This was a new light to Andy, for he thought giants were too strong to get drunk. "I could ate a young child, without parsley and butther," said the drunken giant. Andy gave a faint spasmodic kick. "And it's as hot as down there," said the giant. Andy trembled at the horrid word he heard.

But we'll butther him up when he's among us; or, be me sowks, if it goes that, force him either to settle wid ourselves, or to make himself scarce in the country entirely." * Manual, a Roman Catholic prayer-book, generally pronounced as above. "Divil a much force it'll take to keep him, I'm thinkin'," observed Murphy.

But begorra, there's more ways o' killin' a dog than by chokin' him wid butther." There is a growing feeling among the farmers that the land will be heavily taxed to raise revenue, and that this means expatriation to the labouring classes, who will swarm to England in greater numbers than ever.

'Cod, I think I see 'un now, a powderin' awa' at the thin bread an' butther! It was rather a ticklish recollection for John just then, for he was within an ace of breaking out into a loud guffaw.

Faix, Pether, there's nothin' like givin' the people sweet words, any way; sure they come chape." * This is a kind of hyperbole for selling a grout quantity. "Faith, an' I'll back you for the sweet words agin any woman in the three kingdoms, Ellish, you darlin'. But don't you know the proverb, 'sweet words butther no parsnips."

"I sell it as fast as I can make it," said he, putting on the cover and shoving it back under the bed again. "What do you do with the buttermilk?" said I. He looked at Mrs. Rafferty, and she pointed to the bright, rainbow ribbon on her cap. "Sell it?" said I. Just then a little snarly headed boy came in with two pennies and a cracked plate, "to buy some butther."