Haw haw! No offense, friend. You got me plumb buffaloed with that fivespot o' yourn." And finishing his job he retired with dust-pan and broom. "You're going to do well in Benton," she said suddenly, to me, with a nod. "I regret this scene I couldn't help it, though, of course. When Jim's sober he has sense, and never tries to be familiar."

I have put myself in the correct mental attitude of reception; I am holding to the perfect All. My own will come to me." And so on, till parties round her begun to get nervous. Yes, sir; she kept this stuff going in low, tense tones till she had every one in hearing buffaloed; they was ready to give her the lot right there and tear up their own tickets.

"When we get back to Chicago," George went on, whimsically, "we're going to write up a story of our capture by two bold, bad men who gave their names as Red Mike of the Gulch and Daring Dan of the Devil's Dip or something like that." "Say," Tommy cut in, "when you called those names out of the darkness you certainly did have those detectives buffaloed!"

Young Hardman could perhaps have explained what lay at the roots of it, but O'Connor admitted that he was "buffaloed" when he attempted an analysis of his unusual feeling. From El Paso a leisurely run on the Mexican Central Pacific took them to Chihuahua, a quaint old city something about the size of El Paso.

And beside his deserted bed under the cottonwoods lay some grisly thing, shining in the gray light with streaks and patches of white. Kid looked after the flying figure and said, in a tone of extremest satisfaction, "He's sure buffaloed!" Holy John had awakened in the dim, early dawn and found the skeleton of the Apache chief cuddling against him.

She had been digging up dirt at the edge of it with a bit of broken stick. Now she looked up at him with the scorn of an experience she felt to be infinitely more extensive than his. "A lot you know about it." "How can he? If you an' Mr. Tolliver don't want him to." "He just will." "But, June, that don't listen reasonable to me. He's got you buffaloed. If you make up yore mind not to have him "

They'd listened to his tale about a secret mangrove island with a gold and jewel stuffed mound in the middle, and they'd taken it right off the fork. His mysterious and romantic motions had them completely buffaloed at first. But on the way down here Rupert's reputation as a bold, bad adventurer had gradually been oozin' away, like a slow air leak from a tire.

Brad Stearns turned the head of his horse toward the rocks and shouted. "Hello, Tom! You there?" No answer came from the rocks. "Don't prove a thing," West broke out impatiently. "This fellow's got Tom buffaloed. Didn't he make him smash the barrels? Didn't he take away his six-gun from him and bring him along like he hadn't any mind of his own? Tom's yellow. Got a streak a foot wide."

They've kept Bud away, and Miss Mary Well, she's all right, uh course, but Tex has got her buffaloed. She won't believe nothin' ag'in him. I told Bud I'd stay as long as he did, but A man's got to look after himself some. They ain't likely to miss twice runnin'." "You mean to say " Bemis stopped him with a cautious gesture.

He's had it coming to him ever since I've known him, but the big stiff had everybody around this joint buffaloed. He got away with anything he started." Feinheimer looked at Little Eva disgustedly. "He's my best customer," he cried, "and a bum waiter comes along and beats him up just when he is trying to have a little innocent sport on Christmas Eve.