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I learned in the course of my walk that she was the daughter of a small farmer: the farm was small indeed, being about half an arpent, or acre. She had been to Calais to take some butter, and had the same journey three mornings in the week. Her father had one cow of his own, and rented two others, for each of which he paid a Louis annually. The two latter fed by the road-sides.

In many places it has doubled within the last twenty-five years; an arpent now selling for 1000 francs, which was formerly sold for 500. It is, however, extraordinary, that these improvements have, as yet, only shewn their influence in the dress of the peasantry, and no where in the comfort or neatness of their houses.

On the sixteenth of the month Shaaban, they were informed that the Dankji, governor of the borders of Kathay, intended to entertain them that day with an imperial feast; and on their arrival at his encampment, they found a square arpent of ground inclosed with tents, the cords of which, fastened to pegs in the ground, were so interlaced together that there was no entrance into the inclosure but by four gates, which were left on purpose.

The usual river frontage was from five to ten lineal arpents, and the depth ranged from ten to eighty arpents. It should be explained that the arpen de Paris, in terms of which colonial land measurements were invariably expressed, served both as a unit of length and as a unit of area. The lineal arpent was the equivalent of one hundred and ninety-two English feet.

Petition of J. B. La Croix, A. Girardin, etc., dated "at Cohoe in the Illinois 15th July, 1786." Billon, 91. An arpent of land was 180 French feet square. MS. copy of Journal of Matthew Clarkson in 1766. In Durrett collection. American State Papers, Public Lands, I., II. Fergus Historical Series, No. 12, "Illinois in the 18th Century." Edward G. Mason, Chicago, 1881.

He had not the astuteness to be a rogue; oddly he had the sense to know that he could fool us no longer. "Temple is at Lamarque's," he answered sullenly. I glanced questioningly at the Vicomtesse. "Lamarque is an old pensioner of Monsieur de St. Gre's," said she; "he has a house and an arpent of land not far below here." "Exactly," said Auguste, "and if Mr.

You have something to tell me." The young man looked at her and turned away. "Yes, I have. It isn't a death," he said, with a nervous laugh. "You need not look in that way. It is something very different. I I was married in this church yesterday to Lisa Arpent."

"For Heaven's sake, Clara, don't dissect the child. Who is that girl with the red cravat? Your maid?" "It is not a cravat, it's an Indian scarf. If it only were clean " Miss Vance looked uneasy and perplexed. "She is not my maid. She is Fraulein Arpent. The Ewalts brought her as governess from Paris, don't you remember?

From that time the system was regulated by the Coutume de Paris, by royal edicts, or by ordinances of the intendant. The greater part of the soil of Canada was accordingly held en fief or en seigneurie. Each grant varied from sixteen arpents an arpent being about five-sixths of an English acre by fifty, to ten leagues by twelve.

She ain't goin' to do nothin' but sew for the kids when they come, an' sing, an' be happy. When it comes to the work that there ain't no fun in, I'll do it. I've planned it all out. We're goin' to have half an arpent square of flowers, an' she'll love to work among 'em. I've got the ground cleared out there you kin see it by twisting your head through the door. An' she's goin' to have an organ.