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Après le dîner on me mena voir les danses chez madame la duchesse. Elle me donna un chapeau de fil d'or et de soie, un anneau et un diamant pour mettre sur ma tête, selon la coutume du pays. Il y avoit l

Louis in Quebec, of which he shall hold under the customary duties and dues, agreeably to the coutume de Paris followed in this country." Such was the style of the royal grants of seignioral rights conceded in New France, by virtue of one of which this gallant Norman gentleman founded his settlement and built this Manor House on the shores of the St. Lawrence.

From that time the system was regulated by the Coutume de Paris, by royal edicts, or by ordinances of the intendant. The greater part of the soil of Canada was accordingly held en fief or en seigneurie. Each grant varied from sixteen arpents an arpent being about five-sixths of an English acre by fifty, to ten leagues by twelve.

The superior council of Canada gave judgment in civil and criminal cases according to the coutume de Paris, and below it there were inferior courts for the judicial districts of Quebec, Three Rivers and Montreal. The bishop had also special jurisdiction over ecclesiastical matters.

A hairy knapsack lay open upon the table near his elbow, disclosing some bundles of dirty papers tied up with red tape, a tattered volume or two of the "Coutume de Paris," and little more than the covers of an odd tome of Pothier, his great namesake and prime authority in the law. Some linen, dirty and ragged as his law papers, was crammed into his knapsack with them.

Pendant ce temps on attachoit au seigneur une serviette en soie; on plaçoit devant lui une pièce de cuir rouge, ronde et mince, parce que leur coutume est de ne manger que sur des nappes de cuir; puis on lui apporta de la viande cuite, sur deux plats dorés. Lorsqu'il fut servi, les gens de service allèrent prendre les plats d'étain dont j'ai parlé, et ils les distribuèrent par la salle aux personnes qui s'y trouvoient: un plat pour quatre. Il y avoit dans chacun un morceau de mouton et du riz clair, mais point de pain et rien

La table étoit carrée. La coutume est qu'on n'y apporte qu'un plat

Une autre coutume encore est que quand un ambassadeur a été présenté au seigneur, celui-ci, jusqu'

How often will that poor country regret the splendour of a Court, and that Lit de Justice, sur lequel le Roi et ses sujets avoient coutume de dormir si tranquillement! But when I think of ambition, it is not that of all kinds that I condemn . . . Queensberry. Mme. Piozzi, formerly Mrs.

The hatred of the burghers towards the feudal barons has found a most characteristic expression in the wording of the different charters which they compelled them to sign. The coutume of Bayonne, written about 1273, contains such passages as these: "The people is anterior to the lords. A charter submitted for King Robert's signature is equally characteristic.