"We had petter weather the pint first," said the boatman; "efter that the wund wul pe in oor favour, an' but, ye're richt. Tak in a reef, Roderick an' Tonal'. Mind the sheet, Mr Mabberly, an' sit low in the poat, poys." These orders were promptly obeyed, for the squall was rushing down the loch very rapidly.

Frank had passed the two first cabins of the village, and was in the act of parrying the attacks of some yelping cur that assailed him, when he received a slap on the back, accompanied by a gho manhi Dhea gliud, a Franchas, co wul thu guilh a nish, a rogora duh?* * God save you, Frank! where are you going now, you black rogue?

"Ay, but how can we help him, Frank? Oh, bedad, it 'ud be a murdherin' shame, all out, to let the crathur die by himself, widout company, so it would." "No one wul take him in, for fraid o' the sickness. Why, I'll tell you what we'll do: Let us shkame the remainder o' this day off o' the Major, an' build a shed for him on the road-side here, jist against the ditch. It's as dhry as powdher.

For some time he lay there listening to their shrill shouts and attempting to catch what they were saying. "Ex-tree! All about " He could get that far, probably because he had heard it so often before, but no further could he go. The remainder was a jumble of meaningless sounds. Suddenly, as he listened, a shrill urchin shouted the words out directly beneath his very window: "Wul ex-tree!

The fire did not look very formidable to me, and on asking the men if there was any danger of its reaching the house, one put down his barrow, and while he slowly wetted the palms of his hands, and rubbed them together, said, "Na fear, me leddie; a barrowfu' o' sand noo an' then wul keep it fra' gangin' any further." So I went back reassured.

This is to giv' notis, Captin Furster, av you'll live and let live, and be quite an' pacable divil a rason is there, why you need be afeard but av you go on among the Leatrim boys as that bloody thundhering ruffin Ussher, by the etarnal blessed Glory, you wul soon be streatched as he war for the Leatrim boys isn't thim as wul put up with it.

In view of the intense dislike the teacher had conceived for Belton, she desired to know if it were not best to withdraw him from school altogether, rather than to subject him to the harsh treatment sure to come. "Let me gib yer my advis, sistah Hannah. De greatest t'ing in de wul is edification. Ef our race ken git dat we ken git ebery t'ing else. Dat is de key.

Now have I tolde you of wayes, by the whyche men gon ferrest and longest; as by Babyloyne and Mounte Synay and other places many, thorewe the whyche londes, men turne azen to the lande of promyssyoun. Now wul y telle the ryzt way to Jerusalem. For som men wyl nouzt passe hyt, som for thay have nouzt despence of hem, for they have noon companye, and other many causes reasonables.

"When he grew more calm, we had a long conversation about the past; an' truly I think that the man was na in his right senses, when he married yon wife. At ony rate, he is nae lang for this world; he has fretted the flesh aff his banes, an' afore mony months are owre, his heid wul lie as low as puir Jeanie Burns." My Native Land. "My native land, my native land!