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For alse moche as many men ne may not suffre the savour of the see, but hadden lever to gon by londe, they that hyt be more payne; a man schal soo goon un to on of the havenes of Lumbardye, als Venys or an other; and he schal passe yn to Grece, thorwe Port Moroche, or an other; and so he schal gon un to Constantynople.

The Persians add these words, "and Ali is the friend of God." Kouli Khan, having a mind to unite the two different sects, ordered them to be omitted. Fraser's Life of Kouli Khan, p. 124. An Arab of Kossay, named Ammer Ibn Lahay, is said to have first introduced idolatry among his countrymen; he brought the idol called Hobal, from Hyt in Mesopotamia, and set it up in the Kaaba.

And there is a vessel of marbre, undre the table, to resseyve the oyle, thare of thay yeven unto pylgrymes: for it heleth of many sykenesses. And he that kepeth it clanly a yere, aftre that yere, hyt turneth yn to flesche and bloode. By twyne the cytee of Darke and the cytee of Raphane, ys a ryvere, that men clepen Sabatorye.

Now have I told yow som of the wayes, by the land, and eke by water, how that men mowen goon unto Jerusalem: they that hyt be so, that there been many other wayes, that men goon by, aftur countrees, that thay comen fram, nevere the lasse they turne alle un tylle an ende.

For on the Saturday, hyt renneth faste; and alle the wooke elles, hyt stondeth stylle, and renneth nouzt or lytel. And there ys a nother ryvere, that upon the nyzt freseth wondur faste; and uppon the day, ys noon frost sene. And so gon men by a cytee, that men clepen Beruche. And thare men gon un to the see, that schal goon un to Cypre.

And thenne ynto the schyp ayen, and by syde the havene of Tyre, and come nouzt to lande; and so passeth he by alle the havens of that coast, until he come to Jaffe, that ys the neyest haven unto Jerusalem: for it is seven and twenty myle. And from Jaffe men goon to the cytee of Rames: and that ys but lytel thenne, and hyt is a fayre cytee.

When the nightengale singes, the wodes waxes grene, Lef, and gras, and blosme, springeth in April I wene, And love is to myne herte gone with one speare so kene. Night and day my blood hyt drynkes, mine herte deth me fane. MSS. Hail. Quoted by Warton.

Atte passynge of this ryvere, seynt Eustache loste hys two sones, whanne that he hadde lost hys wyffe. And yt gooth thorewe the playne of Arthadoe; and so un to the Reed See. And so men moten goon un to the cytee of phenne, and so un to the cytee of Ferne. And Antyoche ys a ful fayre cytee and wel walled. For hyt ys two myle longe and eche pylere of the brygge thare ys a goud toure.

Be heavy again, or else must I die. Now voucheth-sauf this day or hyt by nyght Now vouchsafe this day before it be night That I of you the blisful sovne may here, That I of you the blissful sound may hear, Or see your colour lyke the sonne bryght, Or see your colour like the sun bright, That of yelownesse hadde neuer pere. That of yellowness had never peer.

And he schal gon thorewe Turkye, and unto the cytee of Nyke, the whyche they wonne from the Emperoure of Constantynople. And hyt is a fayre cytee, and wounder wel walled: and thare ys a ryvere, that men clepen the laye: and thare men goon by the Alpes of Aryoprynant, and by the Valez of Mallebrynez, and eke the Vale of Ernax; and so un to Anthyoche the lesse, that sytteth on the Ryehay.

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