Moreover, close inspection of them when spread out and moving in the sun will show them to be peacock-hued. Its flight is accompanied neither by the incessant wing-beat of the bat, the jump of the locust, nor the buzz of the wasp, but carries it easily in any direction.

I do not know what she is saying; I draw nearer to see her lips; I answer her, "I am always thinking of you." Hearing these words, she is silent. Her silence grows greater and greater in the shadows. I have drawn still nearer; so near that I feel on my cheek the wing-beat of her breath; so near that her silence caresses me.

Arnaux turned neither right nor left, nor raised nor lowered his flight, nor lost a wing-beat. The Hawk was in waiting in the gap ahead, and Arnaux passed him, even as a Deer in his prime may pass by a Bear in his pathway. Home! home! was the only burning thought, the blinding impulse. Beat, beat, beat, those flashing pinions went with speed unslacked on the now familiar road.

Gulls and albatrosses, strong, glad life in the midst of the stormy beauty, skimmed the waves against the wind, seemingly without effort, oftentimes flying nearly a mile without a single wing-beat, gracefully swaying from side to side and tracing the curves of the briny water hills with the finest precision, now and then just grazing the highest.

To Chota-Cunnigan-bahadur son of Pukka-Cunnigan whom we all knew general salute present sabres!" There was sudden movement the ring of whipped-out metal a bird's wing-beat as fifteen hundred hilts rose all together to as many lips and a sharp intake of breath all down the line. It wasn't bad. Not bad at all, thought Cunningham. It was not done as regulars would have worked it.

Spofford calls them. To rise from the earth upon these beautiful great arms, seemed to be not so easy as it looks. Some of the graceful birds lifted them, and ran a little before leaving the ground, and all of them left both legs hanging, and both feet jerking awkwardly at every wing-beat, for a few moments on starting, before they carefully drew each flesh-colored foot up into its feather pillow,

Then with reference to the resistance to the air of the wings he explains: 'The air when struck offers resistance by its elastic virtue through which the particles of the air compressed by the wing-beat strive to expand again.

And it was the jerk that had torn out some of the raven's tail-feathers, and left them in the jaws of the gray, old, hill fox. And it was the fox who was standing all alone, watching, with oblique eyes, the two great birds fast dissolving with every desperate, stampeding wing-beat into the hurrying cloud-wrack and the wild seascape in opposite directions.

There must be somewhat on which its wing-beat shall fall, stepping stones for its hurrying feet. We call it ether, not knowing what we mean. But in this space is the play of intensest force and quickest activity. There are hundreds of millions of millions of wing-beats or footfalls in a second. Mathematical necessities surpass mental conceptions.

This humble and trivial circumstance is the great test the only sure and abiding test of love. TWO SOULS COME TOGETHER. When two souls come together, each seeking to magnify the other, each in subordinate sense worshiping the other, each help the other; the two flying together so that each wing-beat of the one helps each wing-beat of the other when two souls come together thus, they are lovers.