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We had taken our apartment for a year, but as the place was already full, with tenants waiting, there would be no trouble to sublet to some one of the many who are ever willing to spend most of their income in rent and live the best way they can. Peace be with them. They are welcome to do so, but for people like ourselves the Apollo was not built, and Vanitas Vanitatum is written upon its walls.

Yet here am I safe at sea and fighting rogues as often as I may, for great riches is a plague that tainteth love and friendship alike vanitas vanitatum, omnium vanitas!" "Yet your three years have been turned to better account than mine!" said I, grown suddenly humble. "In the matter of houses and land, Martin?" "Aye!" I nodded. "For my three years I've nought to show but scars and rags."

We don't like to break it to him, but has he forgotten all about the farm at Pizzo, and the garden of the Observatory? Yes, truly: there he lies on his golden shield, never stirring, never so much as lifting his eyelids, or opening his lips any wider. O vanitas vanitatum! Here is our Sovereign in all his glory, and they fired a thousand guns at Cherbourg and never woke him!

Malfatti is resolved that I shall go to Töplitz, which is anything but agreeable to me. As, however, I must obey, I hope at least that my gracious master will not enjoy himself quite so much without me. O vanitas! for it is nothing else. Before I set off for Töplitz I will either go to Baden to see you or write. Farewell! Pray present my homage to my gracious master, and continue your regard for

Their mute lips open other eloquent mouths to speak for them. Hawthorne and Byron tell us what the Faun's soul, what the Gladiator's soul, look from the white marbles to us, and the world daily repeats the story the Antinous whispers in his bent, beautiful head, the vanitas vanitatum that our own hearts whisper, when we drop earnest life for voluptuous pleasures.

Vanitas Vanitatum! But, how grand it would be? Picture it, think of it, common place men! Sir Maximus and Lady Adlepait? How would the obscure Miss Hampden, fancy that? His silky hands will be full of nothing more tempting than slender veins of genuine blue-blood but, as papa says what do we want any more money for, we have enough for any ordinary human life-time?"

I don't think I ever tried to cultivate the vanitas vanitatem style of thing, but if it will come? Our audience are enthusiastic enough see! They have made her come back." She came back, and held out both hands to the audience, and the pretty gesture, and the charming smile, redoubled the applause.

He was sauntering to and fro with his hands behind his back, looking dingy in his black satin scarf, and dejected. Was he envying the Italian hero the obsequious reverence paid to his miner's shirt? Was he muttering to himself the usual consolation of the 'have- beens' VANITAS VANITATUM? Or what new fiction, what old love, was flitting through that versatile and fantastic brain? Poor Bulwer!

In 1887, in Berlin, her "Vanitas, Vanitatum Vanitas" and the "Net-Mender" were exhibited, and ten years later "Cheerfulness" was highly commended. At Munich, in 1899, her picture, called "Elegie," attracted much attention and received unusual praise. *<b>HERBELIN, JEANE MATHILDE.</b> This miniaturist has recently died at the age of eighty-four.

How he had suffered he, modern of moderns, dreamer of dreams, and ponderer of problems! Vanitas Vanitatum! Omnia Vanitas! Modern of the moderns? But it was an ancient Jew who had said that, and another who had said "Better is the day of a man's death than the day of a man's birth." Verily an ironical proof of the Preacher's own maxim that there is nothing new under the sun.