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"The women of that city, it seems, pretend much weakness and squeamishness of stomacke, which they say is so great that they are not able to continue in church while the mass is briefly hurried over, much lesse while a solemn high mass is sung and a sermon preached, unles they drinke a cup of hot chocolatte and eat a bit of sweetmeats to strengthen their stomackes.

Refuse and we wil let you hang and then git the map off yur ded bodies we wil git the map anyway so whats the use of given up yur lives. Weve got things fixed so that you kant eskape the rope unles we save you so you've got to give us the map or hang. Make yur own choice taint our funrel. If you agrees nod yur hed 2 times to Spike and you wil be free in less than 10 minits.

Together they could muster "a party of thirtye men." Shortly, Lawne became ill and because of "his owne sicknes and his peoples, wherein there was improvidency" he quit his plantation and went up to Charles City where he died. One contemporary commented that "so his project is likely, unles better followed and well seconded, to come to nothing." More was to come.

In the light of these things the pro-slavery inclination of the much-disputed paragraph in the Body of Liberties, adopted in 1641, admits of no doubt. The passage reads: "There shall never be any bond slaverie, villinage or captivitie amongst us unles it be lawfull captives taken in just warres, and such strangers as willingly selle themselves or are sold to us.

Gratious madam, The oftner you reherse her losse the more You intimate the gaine I have acquird By your free bounty, which to me appeares So farr transcending possibility Of satisfaction that, unles you take My selfe for payment, I can nere discharge A debt so waytie. Lady. Ist come to this? You speake misteriously; explaine your meaning. Bon.

Tush, Leidenberch: thinck what thou art to doe; Not to play Niobe weeping ore her Children, Unles that Barnavelt appeere againe And chide thy dull-cold nature. Sleepe on, sweet Child, the whilst thy wreatched father Prepares him to the yron sleepe of death.

Some day you will see; unless... unles..." "Well, unless what?" "Oh, nothing, only a man like that can't expect to escape being spoilt. A certain type of woman will inevitably mark him down for her prey, and ruin all his freshness." "Then you had better take him under your wing," Hal laughed. "It would be a pity for such a paragon to be lost to society.

Don Francisco Bustament is carryed aboord our Generalls ship, where he had a soldier like welcome; but he & all his company are put over to Port Reall upon the maine land because they should not succour the Citty. Cap. Unles he will swim to th'Iland. And how fares the Convertine? Sol. Her shroudes are torne to pieces & her tacklings to raggs. Cap. No matter; she carryes the more honour.

I have a wiffe, my lords, and wretched children, Unles it please his Grace to looke upon 'em And your good honours with your eies of favour. 'Twill be a litle happines in my death That they partake not with their fathers ruyns. 1 Lord. Let not that troble ye: they shall not find it. Bar.

With me, sweet Mr. Bonvill? Sir Geffrey, Pray you vouchsafe your absence; at more leasure We shall discourse. Sir Geff. Bon. Madam we are alone? Lady. You did desire we should. Bon. But are you sure none can oreheare us. Lady. Unles we be to loud: What mooves you to require this secresie? Bon.