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"It was louder now, and then it stopped. Above the wash of the sea we heard another sound a sharp tap, tap. You said, 'I know what sound that is; it's a man knocking the ashes out of his pipe against his boot. "Then the dog pushed the door off the latch, and Adam lurched in. He was not drunk, but he brought the smell of drink into the room with him.

Somewhat relieved, Madame is roused from her reverie by a gentle tap at the door. "I have waited your coming, and am glad to see you," she says, extending her hand, as a servant, in response to her command, ushers into her presence no less a person than Tom Swiggs.

Yes, what is it?" cried the Doctor angrily, for there was a quick tap at the door, and the footman appeared. "Have I not told you, sir, that when I am engaged like this I am not to be interrupted? Eh? Who?" "That showman, sir, wants to see you, sir." "That showman?" cried the Doctor angrily. "What showman? What about?" "Come about the damages, sir; the broken fences.

The light from the lamp without flickered on it in gruesome sportiveness. The eyes stared and stared from the little dark room out into the world. But they did not see. The night wore on. At last came a knocking, knocking at the door-tap! tap! tap! But he did not hear. A moment of silence, and again came a knocking knocking knocking...!

"Oh, are you?" shouted Bigley. "No you ar'n't, so get up and creep over here." "I can't," cried Bob again. "Then I'll make you," cried Bigley fiercely, and lifting his oar out of the rowlocks he sent it along the gunwale, till he made it tap heavily against the back of Bob Chowne's head. "Oh!" shrieked Bob, and I felt my cheeks burn, cold as I was. "Now, will you come and work, you sneak?"

This taunt aroused Gem's failing courage, she stole down the stairs and slipped back the bolt, regaining her room with the speed of a little pussy cat. She heard nothing more for some time, and was almost asleep when another tap on the blinds aroused her. "We want more candles," whispered Tom; "I can't find 'em. Of course you know where they are. Hurry up!"

They are all alike, these ardent sweepers: in their excessive zeal, they fear lest they should block up the place with a speck of dust which they might drop in front of the new house. The glass tubes, which I myself have rinsed under the tap, are not exempt from a scrupulous cleaning. The Osmia dusts them, brushes them thoroughly with her tarsi and then sweeps them out backwards.

But if, in addition to being fresher by two hundred years than the tap of William Shakspeare of Stratford, it were as strong as cunningly mixed of malt and hops and had as beautiful a flavour as his had when it was first brewed eh! Smith? What do you think, then?

"What I have to tell," she said, "is as true as what I've telled already, and how true that is you a' ken. You're wondering how the sojers has come to a stop at the tap o' the brae instead o' marching on the town. Here's the reason.

It was middle afternoon when, on looking up, she saw a young woman crossing the porch, leading a little child. Charlotte jumped to her feet, then reseated herself and waited for the tap on the glass.