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Clausen of the Pulvia Company and tell him I'll get back on the job soon's I can? To-morrow'll do to call him up." "Surely I will, Joe," she replied. The door opened softly from the hall and Mrs. Mosby appeared, shading a lamp with her hand. "Keep your seat." she exclaimed as Mary Louise rose to her feet. "I'm just getting ready to bring him his supper." Then she went back out again.

Alice stared at the fire, but hardly seemed to see it. The woman tried to comfort her. Richard looked round the place: the man was in the bed that filled one corner; a mattress in another was crowded with children; there was no spot where she could lie down. "I shall be back as soon's ever I can," he said, and left the cottage. He hurried back over the bare, moon-white road.

"Ah, yes, I suppose I would only be entitled to a third of the money after all," I said. "But what about the pilot boat?" "That will be all square, my lad. Did they not tell you that I had bought the St. Magnus?" "No! do you really mean that, captain?" "Certainly I mean it. And you and Jack Paterson can start the piloting as soon's ye like."

"Soon's we can get enuf money," he said, "Bob'll buy me a broom, then I'll 'elp." "Wouldn't you like to help now?" she asked. "Yes," he replied, "but brooms cost a lot o' money." "So they do," said the woman. "Besides, you're not big enough yet, but you could sell some matches, couldn't you?

"But when are we going to get our guns and knapsacks and things, and start for the regiment?" persisted the eager boy, and the others joined in the impatient inquiry. "You won't git your guns and accourterments till you git to the rigimint. As soon's I kin go over this roll and identify each one o' you, I'll see what the orders is for starting." "There goes some men for the ferry now.

"All right then. I'll think, and do some questionin' around, and report soon's I've decided what's best." He laid the stump of his cigar in the ash receiver and rose from his chair. But his nephew had not finished. "There was something else I intended to say," he announced, but with less eagerness. "That so? What?" "Why why, just this."

All alone in this ark of a house and nobody to help or to send. Lucky she found that Ike Higgins. Say, I wonder if the young one's around here now? If he is, he must stand at the gate and scare off Come-Outers. The whole chapel, mates, crew, and cabin boy, 'll be down here soon's meetin's over to see what kept Eben. And they mustn't get in." "I should say not. I'll hunt up Ike.

Soon's I git me some stout shoes an' rubbers, as Mandy says, I can fetch home plenty o' little dry boughs o' pine; you remember I was always a great hand to roam in the woods? If we could only have a front room, so 't we could look out on the road an' see passin', an' was shod for meetin', I don' know's we should complain.

You kin git married's soon's you want to." "You think so, Tracey?" "All you got to do's ask Josie " "I'm almost afraid you're right." "Why? Don't you want to git married?" "Well" Nat smiled "no. Don't believe I do. Not just now, at any rate." "Well, you don't have to if you don't want to.... G'd-night." "Yes, I do," Nat told Tracey's back. "The rules say so. If the girl asks me, I must."

"Well, don't talk too much when I'm gone," said 'Manda Grier, and before anybody could stop her, she ran out of the room. But she put her head in again to say, "I'll be back as soon's I can take this key home." Lemuel did not know what to do. The thought of being alone with Statira again was full of rapture and terror. He was glad when she seized the door and tried to keep 'Manda Grier.