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The bakers' shops in the humbler suburbs especially, are filled with men, women, and children, each anxiously waiting for the Sunday dinner. Look at the group of children who surround that working man who has just emerged from the baker's shop at the corner of the street, with the reeking dish, in which a diminutive joint of mutton simmers above a vast heap of half-browned potatoes.

In France the pot-au-feu, or soup-pot, simmers in every peasant or middle-class home, and is not to be despised even in richer ones. In this dish, a small portion of meat is cooked so judiciously as to flavor a large mass of vegetables and broth; and this, served with salad and oil and bread, forms a meal which can hardly be surpassed in its power of making the most of every constituent offered.

The way to get a great deal of juice from a lemon is to plunge it first of all for a few minutes, say five minutes, in boiling water. When the butter simmers, throw in a pound of picked small mushrooms, stir them constantly, do not let them get black. Then in three or four minutes they are well impregnated with butter, and the chief difficulty of the dish is over.

When they are quite tender all through, take them out, and drain and slice them. After shaking it round-over hot coals till it simmers, add to it the onions, and give it one boil up. Having washed the rabbits well, put them into a pan of cold water, and let them lie in it two or three hours.

And now my lodging is a palace, royalty my patron; they give me gold at my desire; my wants no longer mar my leisure. Well, and for what? On condition that I forego the sole task for which patronage, wealth, and leisure were desired! There stands the broken iron, and there simmers the ore I am to turn to gold, the iron worth more than all the gold, and the gold never to be won!

"You may tell your father," said the lad, "that the leaf on the timber is the last he shall see we will hae amends for the mischief he has done to us." "I hope he will live to see mony simmers, and do ye muckle mair," answered David.

He saw the eyes open, too, and he shuddered at their glassy stare, which seemed no longer to fix itself upon any bodily thing but to be looking through all those present and seeking something at a distance. Simmers body writhed under the forcible examination of the doctor's hands.

For aught I know the next flash of electric fire that simmers along the ocean cable may tell us that Paris, with every fiber quivering with the agony of impotent despair, writhes beneath the conquering heel of her loathed invader. Ere another moon shall wax and wane the brightest star in the galaxy of nations may fall from the zenith of her glory never to rise again.

'For internal shocks, said Barizy of the Tower, 'there is nothing like rosemary stewed with salt, and so keep on till it simmers. 'That is very well for a bruise, said the Consul Pasqualigo. 'A bruise is a shock, said Barizy of the Tower. 'Besso should have remained at Aleppo, said the Consul.

"It simmers and it boils," cried Johnston, pushing his hard-lined face through the smoke. In an instant the pot had been plucked from the blaze, and its contents had been scooped up in half a dozen steel head-pieces, which were balanced betwixt their owners' knees, while, with spoon and gobbet of bread, they devoured their morning meal.