It was a return to life, a return to space; the earth coming out from under a pall to take its place in the renewed and immense scintillation of the universe. The brig, her yards slightly checked in, ran with an easy motion under the topsails, jib and driver, pushing contemptuously aside the turbulent crowd of noisy and agitated waves.

The unfortunate and frequently flagellated "Glowworm," however, continued to glow fearfully, impelled to eruptive scintillation by the crank, and the vocal lady "walked with Billy," and presently the minstrel came through the trees with his hat in his hand, his dark eyes very humble and deferential.

"Will you help me really?" "To find her voice," said Madame Carré. "The voice, when it's worth anything, comes from the heart; so I suppose that's where to look for it," Gabriel Nash suggested. "Much you know; you haven't got any!" Miriam retorted with the first scintillation of gaiety she had shown on this occasion. "Any voice, my child?" Mr. Nash inquired. "Any heart or any manners!"

The quickness of her answer was the scintillation of her intellect under the glow of her affection. Love is the quickening nurse of the whole nature. Faith in God will do more for the intellect at length than all the training of the schools. "O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt." Or, as St Mark gives it, for we cannot afford to lose a varying word,

Nothing bears the grim warning over the bolted door, "No admittance here except on business!" meaning by business, exclusively and sharply, the buying of certain wares of the establishment at a good round profit to the manufacturer, without carrying away a single scintillation or suggestion of his skill.

Marius pictured life with Cosette to himself like this, without anything else; to come every evening to the Rue Plumet, to displace the old and accommodating bar of the chief-justice's gate, to sit elbow to elbow on that bench, to gaze through the trees at the scintillation of the on-coming night, to fit a fold of the knee of his trousers into the ample fall of Cosette's gown, to caress her thumb-nail, to call her thou, to smell of the same flower, one after the other, forever, indefinitely.

But through Strawinsky, there has come to be a music stylistically well-nigh the reverse of that of the impressionists. Through him, music has become again cubical, lapidary, massive, mechanistic. Scintillation is gone out of it. The delicate, sinuous melodic line, the glamorous sheeny harmonies, are gone out of it.

The sheet-net and the labyrinth that surmounts it are objects visible from afar, owing to their whiteness and the height whereat they are placed. Their scintillation in the sun, in frequented paths, attracts Mosquitoes and Butterflies, like the lamps in our rooms and the fowler's looking-glass. Whoso comes to look at the bright thing too closely dies the victim of his curiosity.

Was all this scintillation a mask, he wondered, or had the coming of the King the remembrance of her vow driven the recollection of that momentary surrender in Paris from her heart? He sighed. The girl next him turned in apology. "Forgive me, monsieur, for forgetting you. But Her Grace is she not beautiful?

Probably the good citizens were not ignorant that this meeting of the vagrants took place each evening, for not only were all store-doors closed hermetically, but the upper windows no longer emitted a scintillation of lamplight. The spy by accident concluded that he would raise his voice for help all in vain as far as the tradesmen were concerned.