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Gourville is rubbing his hands; that is because he has done something clever. Whence comes M. Gourville? Gourville is coming from the Rue aux Herbes. Whither does the Rue aux Herbes lead?"

He bids me tell you that Ned Rackham will seize the ship for his own as soon as ever the wind goes down." "Um-m, is he as bold as that?" grunted the skipper, rubbing his nose with an air of rueful surprise. "No honor among thieves, Jack. I thought him loyal to Blackbeard. I have considered attempting something of my own when the weather permits but this news quickens me.

Thus Benjamin Franklin, in the midst of a busy life, became deeply interested in the phenomena of lightning, and by a very simple experiment proved that this wonder of the air was due to electrical action such as we may arouse by rubbing a stick of sealing-wax or a piece of amber with a cloth.

I won't stand it! She's the noblest of her sex!" "Do you know why I am bald?" said Dr. Melton, rubbing his hand over his shining dome. "If I did, I wouldn't admit it," the Judge put up a cautious guard, "because I foresee that whatever I say will be used as evidence against me."

At noon, precisely, Maitland stirred between the sheets for the first time since he had thrown himself into his bed stirred, and, confused by whatever alarm had awakened him, yawned stupendously, and sat up, rubbing clenched fists in his eyes to clear them of sleep's cobwebs.

This time Tom took a hard grip on himself and swallowed all the liquid. For a moment, he thought the nauseating stuff would kill him. "Now, eat grass," ordered the squaw. "Meaning eat these herbs," demanded Tom, glancing up. "Yes. Heap quick." "To make a fellow eat these herbs after drinking the brew from them is what I call rubbing it in," grimaced Reade.

In case of drowning, the patient should be wrapped in dry blankets or clothing, while bottles of hot water may be placed in contact with the body. The circulation should be stimulated, as may be done by rubbing the hands, feet, or limbs in the direction of the flow of the blood in the veins.

The night before, during a moment of calm, while Pèp was resting in the kitchen with the weary arm and the sad mien of the father who has been wielding a heavy hand, the youth, rubbing his bruises, had proposed a compromise.

Just like a negro, but streaky where you smudged the torch smoke from your eyes." "You're no 'bleached blonde' either, Poll!" laughed Eleanor, rubbing her sleeve across her face and looking at the soot in amusement. "But mine can't be as black as yours, 'cause you got all the smoke from both torches."

Me and my son ain't bushwhackers, we're gentlemen! At least I'm one. Our game's revenge!" Not because of this speech, but of a soft rubbing sound on the window-sill behind me, my heart turned cold. Yet there I saw a most welcome sight. Against the outer edge of the sill an unseen hand was moving a forked stick to and fro.