McCain permitted himself, even secretly, to wonder why. Effects, fastidious and constant, were all he demanded from life. This had been going on for twenty years this afternoon call; this slow drive afterward in the park; this return by dusk to the shining small house in the shining small street; the good-by, reticently ardent, as if it were not fully Mr.

"Less likely things have happened," said Mellish. "I won't say that Cashel Byron is getting stale; but I will say that his luck is too good to last; and I know for a fact that he's gone quite melancholy of late." "Melancholy be blowed!" said Skene. "What should he go melancholy for?" "Oh, I know," said Mellish, reticently. "You know a lot," retorted Skene with contempt.

Alas! poor Sir Thomas, who must needs babble the foolish hopes which wiser men reticently keep cloistered in their own bosoms! who confessed what every scribbler thinks, and so gets laughed at, as wantons are carried to the round-house for airing their incontinent phraseology in the street, while Blowsalinda reads romances in her chamber without blushing.

Directly it came to a standstill, Maurie jumped out of the train, and when, a moment later, she descended from their carriage, she could see the little fair head half hidden in the mother's arms. Nervously, reticently, she approached them. Then Mrs. Priestly looked up and the sad grey eyes rested on Sally. She held out her hand in hesitating embarrassment. "You are Miss Bishop?" she said.

I have never walked in a garden which seemed to keep itself so reticently within its own severe and gracious limits.

"And in this house you need all the simplicity you can get," he suggested. She smiled, intelligently but reticently. "My idea is that every one somehow really believes in ghosts I know I do and so fully expects to see one that any sort of make-up will affect them for the moment just as if they did see one. I thought that perhaps I don't know how to say it without seeming to make use of you "

Lamb chops, coiled in the covered stew-pan, loudly broiled in their own fat, and to them the peas, heated in their can, were added when the coffee began to foam. He dragged a large log to the side of the fire, and Ruth, there sitting, gorged shamelessly. Carl himself did not eat reticently. Light snow was falling now, driven by them on the rising wind.

The supernatural touch given to them in the last pages of the book, the faint mystic flavour which clings to them from the beginning and marks them as being just more than companions of flesh, these things are indicated with so delicate a hand, so reticently, that to analyse the method would be destruction for the writers at least.

"Tell us a story, El," from Oliver in the voice of one who is sleep-walking. "A nice quiet story the Three Bears or Giant the Jack Killer oh heaven, I must be asleep but you know, anything like that " "You really want a story?" Elinor's voice was reticently mocking. "A story for good little boys?" "Oh, yes!" from Peter, his clasped hands stretched toward her in an attitude of absurd supplication.

The greater portion of the "Harold" is obviously, in its coolness and neatness and lightness, the work of one who was unwilling to dishevel himself in the cause of expression, who outlined his sensations reticently rather than effusively, and stood always a little apart. The "Corsair" overture has not the wild, rich balladry of that of the "Flying Dutchman," perhaps.