I can't blame Lady Tintern," said Peter, with a new and strange humility, "for not thinking me good enough for Sarah; and that's not a difficulty I can ever hope to remove. Sarah is the one to decide that point. But about relations-in-law it's what I've been trying to tell you all this time." He cleared his throat, which had grown dry and husky.

But he will hotly resent your mention of them, and will exercise all his masculine ingenuity to prove that his relatives always mean to act for the best, exactly what you would have him believe of your nearest and dearest. A woman who has never had a suspicion of difference with her relations-in-law, confides to me of the course she has pursued throughout her married life.

'Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. For 'water' in their case substitute 'money'. Mrs Drassilis was connected with money on all sides, but could only obtain it in rare and minute quantities. Any one of a dozen relations-in-law could, if they had wished, have trebled her annual income without feeling it. But they did not so wish. They disapproved of Mrs Drassilis.

Relations are so exacting, and if they are relations-in-law they become positive Shylocks. Juliet may have gone to the lodge though, all the same, and stayed to keep the Romaninov girl company." She seemed to be satisfied with this explanation; and Gimblet had tea with her, and then went to write his letters.

It was a generous lode and Tony a good fellow; to work it he brought in all the Sevadras, even to the twice-removed; all the Castros who were his wife's family, all the Saises, Romeros, and Eschobars, the relations of his relations-in-law. There you have the beginning of a pretty considerable town.

I can now sit down to a supper of roast pork and bottled stout, go to bed directly afterwards, sleep all night, and wake up in the morning without thinking unkind things of anybody not even my relations-in-law! Bless the Kaiser, say I! Borrodaile, what about you? Any complaints?" "Thank you," replied Borrodaile's dry voice; "there are no complaints.

A whilom gay and sprightly cousin, who spent her time, as she dolefully wrote, having her mind weeded of its green growth of little opinions and gravelled and rolled and stamped with the opinions of her male relations-in-law. "And I'd rather have weeds than gravel," she wrote at the beginning of this process when she was still restive under the roller, "for they at least are green."

It is sad to think such a mother or wife makes a fatal mistake from the very start, and herself brings about the state of affairs she dreads. The recognition of a fact often seems to make it doubly true. The knowledge that relations-in-law are frequently relations-at-war, predisposes both parties to unjust judgment.

I happen to know that this woman's husband's family think that "Charlie has a none-such of a wife," and that they are all fond of her. If tact and diplomacy are ever exercised, it must be in the management of relations-in-law. The thought that so often the state is one of hatred, or, at best, tolerance, makes the position of all concerned strained and delicate.

He had never cared for genealogy, and his own long and brilliant ancestry did not interest him in the slightest. He had hundreds of relations of all degrees of fame and fortune, and he felt under no further obligation to them than to let alone and be let alone. His interest in his new horde of relations-in-law was vastly less than nothing. But Mrs.