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"Extraordinary! Most extraordinary! However, each house has its traditions, with which I would not for the world interfere. We have a prejudice in favor of washing. Go on, Beetle from 'jugurtha tamen' and, if you can, avoid the more flagrant forms of guessing." Prout's house was furious because Macrea's and Hartopp's houses joined King's to insult them.

Prout's house at the recent meeting in Number Twelve form-room, and the House hereby pass a vote of censure on the said study. That's all." "And she bled all down my shirt, too!" said Beetle. "An' I'm catty all over," said McTurk, "though I washed twice." "An' I nearly broke Beetle's brolly plantin' her where she would blossom!" The situation was beyond speech, but not laughter.

I have just named a very great man in his own field Prout. We all know his drawings, and love them: they have a peculiar character which no other architectural drawings ever possessed, and which no others can possess, because all Prout's subjects are being knocked down or restored.

So that it was not Rogers' "Italy" that sent the family off to the Alps that summer; but, fortunately for John, his father's eye was caught by the romantic architecture of Prout's "Sketches in Flanders and Germany," when it came out in April, 1853, and his mother proposed to make both of them happy in a tour on the Continent. The business-round was abandoned, but they could see Mr.

She had well-formed eyebrows which, had her portrait been painted, would probably have been done in Prout's or Vandyke brown. There was nothing remarkable in her dress just now, beyond a natural fitness and a style that was recent for the streets of Sherton. But, indeed, had it been the reverse, and quite striking, it would have meant just as little.

The quiet manner and truthful look in Prout's face made the master of the schooner regard him intently for a few moments, then he said abruptly: "Do you know Honolulu well?" Prout did not; his visits there had been few and far between. "Do you know any decent people here who could take care of my daughter for me till I come back from my next trip?" "No, Captain, I do not."

No, I didn't give him any impressions. I took a short cut through your dormitories." "I sniffed a whiff of 'baccy, this mornin'. Yours is stronger than Mr. Prout's. I knew," said Beetle, wagging his head. "Good heavens!" said the Reverend John absently. It was some years before Beetle perceived that this was rather a tribute to innocence than observation.

Wade, eating and drinking spasmodically, told of his adventures in search of lemons. "Prout's emporium was quite out of them," he explained. "Prout said he had had some a few weeks ago, but they were sold. So I walked over to The Centre and got them there." Miss Mullett eluded him anxiously and insisted that the Doctor should examine his pulse.

Prout's house; actually they were under the Head's eye; and since he was very careful never to promote strange new boys to prefectships, they considered they had a grievance against the school. Sefton had spent three months with a London crammer, and the tale of his adventures there lost nothing in the telling.

Then they preferred to come straight to you, sir, on account of what what Mr. King may 'ave said about their 'abits afterwards in Mr. Prout's study. I only said they was 'ighly humorous, laughin' an' gigglin', an' a bit above 'emselves. They've since told me, sir, in a humorous way, that they was invited by Colonel Dabney to go into 'is woods." "I see.