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A case of consumption discovered early means a case cured, eight times out of ten. Its Cure and Prevention. Fortunately, the same methods which will cure the disease will also prevent it. The best preventatives are food, fresh air, and sunshine. Eat plenty of nourishing food three times a day, especially of milk, eggs, and meat.

The warden of a certain State prison, who is a student of human nature, said to some visitors one day, "If a child is properly educated to the age of ten, no matter what its inheritance, it never becomes a criminal." His sentence includes all the needed preventatives of crime.

Old Margaret Bean, his housekeeper, looked at him over her spectacles, but she did not know what he meant. She prepared many a valuable remedy for his cough from herbs and roots, but Lot would never taste them, and she made her old husband swallow them all as preventatives of colds, that they should not be wasted. Lot was coughing harder lately.

Wettin, the present governmental figure-head, jolly old Liz either availed herself of some of the "preventatives" so extensively advertised in "great family newspapers," or neglected to own her illegitimate offspring. I cannot help but think that a love-child by Elizabeth and the courtly Raleigh would have been a great improvement on any of the soggy-headed things spawned by the House of Hanover.

Babies and young children sometimes suffer cruelly for lack of drinking water. What are the chief causes of sickness and death among children during the summer time? What are the best preventatives for baby ills during the hot months? Discuss the importance of bathing and tell how to bathe the child. What is the best way to dress the child during the heated time of the year?

The Takruries have no knowledge whatever of medicine: charms are here, as throughout the Soudan, the great remedy. They are also used as preventatives to keep off the evil eye, bad spirits, and genii of different sorts; for these reasons almost every individual nay, cattle, mules, and horses, are covered with amulets of all shapes and sizes.

They afford an elaborate range of shades and color combinations which are most puzzling to describe. Soluble inks are much used by the leading English firm of stamp printers. They are very sensitive to water and are regarded as one of the best preventatives of the cleaning of used stamps. Beautiful results are obtained by printing stamps in two colors.

Information for Those Who Handle Commercial and Legal Documents Peculiarity of Handwriting Methods Employed in Forgery Means Employed for Erasing Writing Care to be Used in Writing Specimens of Originals and Alterations Means of Discovering and Demonstrating Forgery Disputed Signatures Free Hand or Composite Signatures Important Facts for the Banking and Business Public How to Use the Microscope and Photography to Detect Forgery Applying Chemical Tests How to Handle Documents and Papers to Be Preserved The Value of Expert Testimony Using Chemical, Mechanical and Clerical Preventatives.

God help it, if into the bargain it has not its papers in order. Sörine's little one had bravely pushed itself into the light of day, surmounting all obstacles, denial, tears and preventatives, as a salmon springs against the stream. Now she lay in the daylight, red and wrinkled, trying to soften all hearts. The whole of the community had done with her, she was a parasite and nothing else.

Now, to meet human nature we have invented a grill, and if you go to our State theatre in Munich you will see this iron control which allows a large crowd to assemble but makes it impossible to go out of your turn." "An emblem of German civilization," I thought, "but it has its use." "We are all going back to preventatives," said another.