We may fitly apply to him the noble lines which Tennyson offered to the memory of another steadfast soul He, that ever following her commands, On with toil of heart and knees and hands, Thro' the long gorge to the far light has won His path upward, and prevail'd, Shall find the toppling crags of Duty scaled Are close upon the shining table-lands To which our God Himself is moon and sun.

Hence came it that all the prophets that were arm'd, prevail'd; but those that were unarm'd, were too weak: for besides what we have alledg'd, the nature of the people is changeable, and easie to be perswaded to a matter; but it is hard also to settle them in that perswasion.

The "Letters from a Lady of Quality to a Chevalier" emphasized the teaching of the "Lettres Portugaises," while "The Lady's Philosopher's Stone; or, The Caprices of Love and Destiny" , although claiming to be an "historical novel" in virtue of being set "in the time, when Cromwell's Faction prevail'd in England," was almost entirely occupied with the matters indicated in the sub-title.

Nay, let's retire, and compleat my Quality, and you will find me a Wife of the Mode, I'll warrant you. Guil. For once you have prevail'd. Enter Francisco. Fran. Whither away? Isa. Fran. Consummate! Isa. Fran. Hum this Turkey Air has a notable faculty, where the Women are all plaguy kind. Enter Carlos and Julia. Car. By Heav'n, each Moment makes me more your Slave. Fran. The Business is done. Jul.

But in time, having cover'd the dead baronet's body with sprays of the wither'd bracken, I drew her to a little distance and prevail'd on her to nibble a crust of the loaf. Now, all this while, it must be remembered, I was in my shirt sleeves, and the weather bitter cold. Which at length her sorrow allow'd her to notice.

And those children, whose birth with such rapture was hail'd, When the holiest feelings of nature prevail'd, And the bright drops that moisten'd the father's glad cheek Could alone the deep transport of happiness speak; When he turn'd from his first-born with glances of pride, In grateful devotion to gaze on his bride, The loved and the loving, who, silent with joy, Alternately gazed from the sire to his boy.

Five tribunes to defend their vulgar wisdoms, Of their own choice: One's Junius Brutus, Sicinius Velutus, and I know not 'Sdeath! The rabble should have first unroof'd the city; Ere so prevail'd with me; it will in time Win upon POWER, and throw forth greater themes For INSURRECTION'S arguing. Men. This is strange. Mar. Mes. Where's Caius Marcius? Mar. Here; What's the matter? Mes.

On the contrary, I bless interposing Heaven, that it happened before Gratitude had prevail'd upon me to make him a Sacrifice of my Person, and, what is still dearer, my Virtue. Alas! added she, sheding some Tears, which flowed in Spite of her, that fatal Instant was drawing near. If it be so, replied Kelirieu, I pity you for having undesignedly lost an Enjoyment so necessary to your own Repose.

Let no man be possest with a persuasion, To say, when he falls under a temptation, That God's the cause; for with no evil can God be tempted, nor tempts he any man. But every man is tempted when he's drawn Away, and by his lusts prevail'd upon; Then when lust hath conceiv'd, it ushereth In sin, and sin when finished brings death.

Thy father's blessings have prevail'd beyond My ancestors. Unto the utmost bound Of the perpetual hills, yea let them rest On Joseph's head, and let him be possest Of all, who was divided from the rest. Young Benjamin shall wolf-like take his prey, And part by night what he hath took by day.