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If they do not grant it me, I must lay my account with an exit truly en poete; if I die not of disease, I must perish with hunger. I have sent you one of the songs; the other my memory does not serve me with, and I have no copy here, but I shall be at home soon, when I will send it you. Apropos to being at home, Mrs.

The soul at war with itself, uncovering its most secret thoughts, the "malheur d'être poète," coupled with wit, taste, gaiety, and the comedy spirit all these the French found in Hoffmann as in no other German.

A few weeks later, the police reported that he was in Paris, lodging with a fencing-master, and making no concealment of his desire to 'insulter incessamment et avec éclat M. le chevalier de Rohan. This decided the authorities, and accordingly on the night of the 17th of April, as we learn from the Police Gazette, 'le sieur Arrouët de Voltaire, fameux poète, was arrested, and conducted 'par ordre du Roi' to the Bastille.

Chaucer admired Petrarch for his "rethorike sweete" which illumined the poetry of Italy, and was himself in turn loved by Lydgate as the "nobler rethor poete of brytagne," who is called "floure of rethoryk in Englisshe tong," by John Walton.

Jean Racine, le grand poête, Le poête aimant et pieux, Après que sa lyre muette Se fut voilèe

The Duchessa raised amused eyebrows. "You felt that Pauvre Lelian was the only alternative?" "I had in mind a remark of Pauvre Lilian's friend and confrere, the cryptic Stephane," Peter answered. "You will remember it. 'L'ame d'un poete dans le corps d'un I I forget the last word," he faltered. "Shall we say 'little pig'?" suggested the Duchessa.

A would-be cynic himself, there was a something grave and earnest in the real cynic that awed him. "What conclusion do you draw from such a scene, cher poete" asked De Mauleon, fixing his keen quiet eyes on Rameau. "What conclusion? Well, that that " "Yes, continue."

The authorities, whose one object was to prevent an unpleasant fracas, were ready enough to substitute exile for imprisonment; and thus, after a fortnight's detention, the 'fameux poète' was released on condition that he should depart forthwith, and remain, until further permission, at a distance of at least fifty leagues from Versailles.

She afterwards said to Lord Lansdowne, who had told her he was a simple country clergyman, "Je vois bien que ce n'est qu'un simple cure qui n'a pas le sens commun, quoique grand poete." Lady Lansdowne, just as I was writing this, came to my room and paid me half an hour's visit.

He seemed to his cotemporaries to have renounced the follies of his youth, the gewgaws of verse; and to have sobered down into the useful citizen, "Le bon poete," thought Malherbe, "n'est pas plus utile a l'etat qu'un bon joueur de quilles."