My cousin told me 'e sees 'im bankin' 'is money reg'lar in George Street every week." And then a conversation followed, with instances of immense fortunes made by organ-grinders, German bands, and street-singers men who cadged in rags for a living, and could drive their carriage if they chose. The women lent a greedy ear to these romances, like a page out of their favourite novelettes.

Some of those who were awake were reading novelettes, forgetting war in the eternal plot of cheap romance. Others sat at the entrance of their burrows with their knees tucked up, staring gloomily to the opposite wall of the trench in day-dreams of some places betwixt Aberdeen and Hackney Downs. I spoke to one of them, and said, "How are you getting on?"

She lifted a trembling hand to the notes hidden beneath her frock; they were real enough and then came another and more cruel thought. Supposing he had given them to her by way of farewell her heart almost stopped beating. Such things did happen she knew in novelettes, if not out of them! Peg had told her one lurid story, in which.... "Good afternoon," said the Beggar Man beside her.

"You're such a quaint little body, you're a regular treat. I declare I ain't 'alf sure I wouldn't rather talk to you, than read the Princess Novelettes. Besides, I do get that tired of 'earin' nothin' but French, I'm most sorry I undertook the job; and the Biby don't pick up English much yet."

I would that it were possible so to tell a story that a reader should beforehand know every detail of it up to a certain point, or be so circumstanced that he might be supposed to know. In telling the little novelettes of our life, we commence our narrations with the presumption that these details are borne in mind, and though they be all forgotten, the stories come out intelligible at last.

"On the contrary," smiled she, "it's most amusing like the penny novelettes they sell in England." "Olympian superiority!" teased Stefan. "Please go on, Mrs. Elliot. Did she attach another husband?" "No, she says she hates the bother of them," laughed their hostess. "Men are always falling in love with her, but-openly at least-she seems uninterested in them."

In fact, the novel has form in the measure that it approaches the novelette; and some of the most symmetrical modern novels are scarcely more than novelettes, like Tourguenief's Dmitri Rudine, or his Smoke, or Spring Floods.

The masterful hero is worshipped as he is worshipped by the readers of the "Bow Bells Novelettes," and for the same reason a profound sense of personal weakness. That tendency to devolve our duties descends on us, which is the soul of slavery, alike whether for its menial tasks it employs serfs or emperors.

In a more purely musical manner, his feelings took shape in such works as his "Daidsbündler" Dances, the "Chiarina" of the Carnival, the F-Sharp Minor Sonata, the Kreisleriana, the Humoreske, the Novelettes, and the Nocturnes, truly an offering of rare beauty, and well worthy to express the feelings of the inspired lover.

The kitchen fire was red, but low; the coal-cellar was locked, and there was nothing in the scuttle but a little coal-dust and the piece of brown paper that is put in to keep the coals from tumbling out through the bottom where the hole is. We put the saucepan on the fire and plied it with fuel two Chronicles, a Telegraph, and two Family Herald novelettes were burned in vain.