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Scarce a man but felt Barnes was laughing at him; Bulders in his pulpit, Holder who seconded him in his election, the Newcome society; and the ladies, even more than the men, were uneasy under his ominous familiarity, and recovered their good-humour when he left them.

Whether is it the more mortifying to us, to feel that we are disliked or liked undeservedly? Clive was not easy until he had the sea between him and his misfortune: and now Thomas Newcome had the chance of making that tour with his son, which in early days had been such a favourite project with the good man. They travelled at a prodigious fast pace. They did not speak much to one another.

"It seems to me you are all cool enough here." "Just what Sir Thomas de Boots said, sir," says Barnes, turning round to his father. "Don't you remember when he came home from Bombay? I recollect his saying, at Lady Featherstone's, one dooced hot night, as it seemed to us; I recklect his saying that he felt quite cold. Did you know him in India, Colonel Newcome?

Hobson Newcome for his partner during the chief part of the entertainment. Mrs. Hobson and Lady Clara were the matrons who gave the sanction of their presence to this bachelor-party. Neither of their husbands could come to Clive's little fete; had they not the City and the House of Commons to attend?

Harris had best be warned," I said to Florac; "will you write him a word, and let us send a messenger to Newcome?" At first Florac said, "Parbleu! No;" the affair was none of his, he attended himself always to this result of Lady Clara's marriage. He had even complimented Jack upon it years before at Baden, when scenes enough tragic, enough comical, ma foi, had taken place apropos of this affair.

I am glad you are not the first I have met this morning: I should have taken it for a bad omen. But, Grace was the first sweet, pleasant Grace so I defy you all! 'If you please, Mister, I was the first you know, said Clemency Newcome. 'She was walking out here, before sunrise, you remember. I was in the house. 'That's true! Clemency was the first, said Alfred.

I've often said, 'Why don't they get off their horses and say, Sherrick, we're come for a bit of lunch and a glass of Sherry? Name a day, sir. Mr. P., will you be in it?" Clive Newcome named a day, and told his father of the circumstance in the evening. The Colonel looked grave. "There was something which I did not quite like about Mr. Sherrick," said that acute observer of human nature.

She never could call that child by the odious name which he received at his baptism. I knew what bitter reasons she had to dislike the name of Thomas Newcome.

"There's nothing for your father to-day," said the post-master. "Perhaps there's something for me, Benjamin Newcome, Esq.," said Ben. "Let me see," said the post-master, putting on his spectacles; "yes, I believe there is. Post-marked at New York, too. I didn't know you had any correspondents there."

Barnes Newcome, who had condescended to attend his sister's little fete, and had been languidly watching the frolics of the young people, looked very much alarmed. Without wishing to disparage the youth of other nations, I think a well-bred English lad has this advantage over them, that his bearing is commonly more modest than theirs.