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Audientes igitur nobilium vxores ipsius insulae se viduatas, super his, in doloroso furore animi ad plures congressiones occiderunt et fugauerunt omnes aliarum mulierum maritos, ne scilicet sua ingennitas subiaceret voluntati, et potestati plebis.

Even men of science accepted these conceptions and are, indeed, only now beginning to emancipate themselves from such ancient superstitions. R. de Graef in the Preface to his famous treatise on the generative organs of women, De Mulierum Organis Generatione Inservientibus, dedicated to Cosmo III de Medici in 1672, considered it necessary to apologize for the subject of his work.

But Gambara, disregarding the interruption, his glass still raised, his mild eyes upon the wine, began to recite: "Bacchus saepe visitans Mulierum genus Facit eas subditas Tibi, O tu Venus!" Without completely understanding it, yet scandalized beyond measure at as much as I understood, to hear such sentiments upon his priestly lips, I stared at him in candid horror. But he got no farther.

M'Quarrie insisted that the mercheta mulierum, mentioned in our old charters, did really mean the privilege which a lord of a manor, or a baron, had, to have the first night of all his vassals' wives. I suppose, Ulva is the only place where this custom remains.

Thus we are told in De Secretis Mulierum that to ascertain if a girl is seduced she should be given to eat of powdered crocus flowers, and if she has been seduced she immediately urinates. We are here concerned with auto-suggestion, and it may well be believed that with nervous and credulous girls this test often revealed the truth.

A sign to which the old authors often attached much importance was furnished by the urinary stream. In the De Secretis Mulierum, wrongly attributed to Albertus Magnus, it is laid down that "the virgin urinates higher than the woman."

It was plain then, she said, that he did not care deeply for her, and she thereupon could not quite leave off caring deeply for him: 'Ingenium mulierum, Nolunt ubi velis, ubi nolis cupiunt ultro. The month of October passed, and November began its course. The inhabitants of the village of Carriford grew weary of supposing that Miss Aldclyffe was going to marry her steward.

"Velamina etiam mulierum, quæ ad verecundiam designandam eis sunt concessa, sed nunc, per insipientiam earum, in lasciviam et luxuriam excreverunt, it immoderata longitudo superpelliccorum quibus pulverem trahunt, ad moderatum usum, sicut decet verecundiam sexus, per excommunicationis sententiam cohibeantur." Excommunication, indeed! Not even the church could have carried on that war long.

T. Mozley, Reminiscences, vol. ii. p. 17. Hymn in Paris Breviary, Commune Sanctarum Mulierum. Reminiscences, ii. 243, 244. Cf. British Critic, July 1841. Reminiscences, ii. 223. Ideal, p. 566. Ibid. pp. 565-567. It is part of the history of the time, that during those anxious days, Mr. Ward was engaged to be married.

That they used practically the same system which has been adopted by all their followers is amply proved by the fact that after trial by ordeal had been abolished Albertus Magnus, in his work De Mirabilibus Mundi, at the end of his book De Secretis Mulierum, Amstelod, 1702, made public the underlying principles of heat-resistance; namely, the use of certain compounds which render the exposed parts to a more or less extent impervious to heat.

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