Even now, with hunger staring wolf-eyed at them, there was no desire to return to Ithaca, no thought of renewing their life in the squatter's settlement; for, unknown to themselves, they were being swept on by a common destiny. "Ye're gettin' lame again," said Flea after awhile, the mother-feeling in her making her watch Flukey with concern.

The little mark of affection comforted Eliza unspeakably. The mother-feeling overwhelmed her in one burst of tears. Then she dried her eyes and smiled at him. "Honey," she said; "mammy ain' gwine lay hyeah long. She be all right putty soon." "Nevah you min'," said Patsy with a choke in his voice. "I can do somep'n', an' we'll have anothah doctah." "La, listen at de chile; what kin you do?"

It is such a dreadful thing for a mother to have anything that she is ashamed to confess to her child!" A murmur of applause ran through the hall, and the ladies upon the tribune looked with sympathy upon this fair woman, whose faithful love made her beautiful, and whose mother-feeling gave her dignity. "So your name is Mademoiselle Oliva?" asked the president.

You will say, 'Prophetic man, I am ashamed through all my being to have loved so slight a thing. You will find you have outgrown him, and he will have only the weight of the Santa Claus, which children painlessly outgrow. And ever after you will have toward him a kindly mother-feeling, for that is woman's way toward their first loves." Katrine shook her head. "I do not want to forget."

It hurt to think of that, because it was death, the final extinction of the mother-feeling in her; the awakening of who knew what in the boy! For if she was mysterious to him, what was he not to her, with his eagerness, and his dreaminess, his youthful warmth, his innocence! What if it had killed in him trust, brushed off the dew, tumbled a star down? Could she forgive herself for that?

We must first get in ourselves something of the mother-feeling. "Every one that loveth knoweth God and is born of God." Perhaps there has been given to us some human friend, parent or comrade, husband or wife, in whom as nowhere else we see the beauty of the soul.

We were as friendly by that time as I had ever been in my life with any woman. A mighty comfortable soul she was, giving one the nice smooth mother-feeling a man likes in a woman, and yet giving also the clear intelligence and dependableness I used to assume to be masculine qualities. We had talked volumes already.

And sometimes she is stoned.... You knew, Christophe, the splendid woman who gave herself to the humblest and most meritorious charitable work; she took pity on the street prostitutes who had just been brought to child-bed, the wretched women with whom the Public Aid would have nothing to do, or who were afraid of the Public Aid; she tried to cure them physically and morally, to look after them and their children, to wake in them the mother-feeling, to give them new homes and a life of honest work.

Every bit of mother-feeling in her rebelled and sorrowed; but her reason said: Better so! Much better! And she murmured: "How is she?" Mrs. Wagge answered, with profound dejection: "Bad very bad. I don't know I'm sure what to say my feelings are all anyhow, and that's the truth. It's so dreadfully upsetting altogether." "Is my nurse with her?" "Yes; she's there.