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"You poor thing!" said Helen. "You are starving to death. What shall I get for you? I have influence in the kitchens. Does marmalade, to spread your muffins, present any attractions? or shall I beg for rusks? or what do you say to doughnuts? there are doughnuts in this closet; crullers and milk are nice for breakfast."

If we are in a fruit country we have some oranges and bananas or papayas, a sort of pawpaw that is most delicious; it is a cross between a cantaloupe and a mango. Then we have oatmeal with evaporated cream and sugar; then we have choice cuts from some animal that was killed the day before usually the liver or the tenderloin. Then we have eggs and finish up on jam or marmalade and honey.

On board one of them were eight tons of quince marmalade, but the pirates were bitterly disappointed on learning that they had missed a vessel containing eight hundred thousand pieces of eight, which had shortly before been landed. Finding that the garrison of Truxillo was prepared for them, they steered for the Galapagos, which lie under the equator, and are uninhabited.

The atmosphere of the room was as vapid as a zephyr wandering over a Vesuvian lava-bed. Relics of some feast lay about the room, scattered in places where even a prowling cat would have been surprised to find them. A straggling cluster of deep red roses in a marmalade jar bowed their heads over tobacco ashes and unwashed goblets.

As for the little ones, they were marmalade from head to foot. When they had finished their toilets, the river ran all red and yellow and was sweetened for several hours, to the great surprise of all the fishes. Before returning home, the people presented themselves before the King to receive his commands. "Children!" said he, "the feast will begin again exactly at six o'clock.

"I keep on getting promised a week but I can't bring it off." "He's such a nut with the telephones," the man by his side explained, helping himself to marmalade. "The General positively can't spare him." "Oh, chuck it!" the other exclaimed in disgust. "What about you? the only man with an eye to a Heaven-ordained gun position, as old Wattles declared one day.

He had a thousand comparisons for her, and then sometimes she would be, as it were, caught up into a cloud and he would only see a general radiance and be blinded by the light. He wished very much that he could think of something else something other than marmalade that had that quality of gold.

"Aye, aye, sir." "Why, I'm blessed if it isn't Sambo's old thing." "It's your honour knows how to bring the heart out of it, anyhow." "My eyes, Pat! You should ha' heerd it at the dignity ball we went ashore for at Barbadoes. Did you ever foot the floor with a black washerwoman of eighteen stun, dressed out in muslin the colour of orange marmalade, and white kid shoes?" "I did not, the darlin'!"

"Do you think, Nell, that I ought to have any more of this marmalade on fresh bread? I ate half a pot yesterday on three or four slices of hot bread from the oven, and felt quite a dizzy stupid feeling in my head afterwards." "Of course, how could you expect it to agree with you, Polly?" said Helen, looking up innocently from her place at the tea-tray.

I was busy in the kitchen this morning, making marmalade out of what was left of Peter's oranges and contentedly humming Oh, Dry Those Tears when the earthquake that shook the world from under my feet occurred.

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