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Germanicus is sent to the East with maius imperium over the whole of the transmarine provinces, a position more splendid than any that Tiberius himself had held during the lifetime of Augustus, and one that almost raised him to the rank of a colleague in the Empire.

Another inscription on the wall stated: On the dedication of the baths, at the expense of Maius, there will be a hunt, athletic sports, showering of perfumes, etc., at the Amphitheatre. "There was also a Tragic Theatre in Pompeii," continued the guide. "It was reserved for dramatic performances. The stone tiers seated an audience of five thousand.

And there was a great mourning for her, for the Sire de Jallanges lost his spirits when he saw his lady laid in the ground, and became a monk of Marmoustiers, which at that time was called by some Maimoustier, as much as to say Maius Monasterium, the largest monastery, and it was indeed the finest in all France.

Nam et in hac ipsa beati Thomae Ecclesia statuerunt multa mirae magnitudinis simulachra, ex quibus vnum quod maius est multo alijs apparet sedens homo in alto solio adoperto aureis sericis, et lapidibus praeciosis, habensque ad collum suspensa pro ornatu multa cinctoria praeciose gemmis, et auro contexta.

Lael. 29 quod maius est. VISUM EST MIHI CONSCRIBERE: = placuit mihi, 'I have determined to write'. The best writers rarely use the impersonal videtur etc. followed by an infinitive. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a passage in a writer before silver Latin times where the best texts still exhibit anything like videtur eum facere for is videtur facere. H 534, 1, n. 1; Roby, 1353.

The being or beings whom man worships are, indeed, the object of adoration, an object quo nihil maius; but they are something more. To them are addressed man's prayers. It is vain to pretend that prayer, even the simple petition for our daily bread, is not religious.

Even to polytheists, the god who is worshipped at the moment, is, at that moment, one than whom there is no one, and nought, greater, quo nihil maius. A god who should not be worshipped thus a god who was not the object of adoration would not be worthy of the name, and would hardly be called a god.

IMPELLERET: sc. homines; so nos is omitted after iubebat below. EXCITARI: 'stirred up'. In 39 and 41 we have the verb in-citare; for the difference between the two verbs cf. Qu. Fr. 1, 1, 45 haec non eo dicuntur, ut te oratio mea dormientem excitasse, sed potius ut currentem incitasse videatur. HOMINI ... DEDISSET: cf. Acad. 1, 7 nec ullum arbitror maius aut melius a dis datum munus homini.

The Celtic people and the Druids, with their mistletoe rites, kept New Year also at that time. The ten Roman months were named Martius, Aprilus, Maius, Junius, Quintillis, Sextilis, September, October, November, December. In the reign of the King Numa two months were added to the year namely, Januarius at the beginning and Februarius at the end.

There is no good poet so difficult to read through; his faults are not such as "plead sweetly for pardon;" they are obtrusive and repelling, and have been more in the way of his fame than those of any extant writer of equal genius. He was a devoted admirer of Virgil, whose poems he sketches in the following graceful lines: Cedite Romani seriptores, cedite Graii, Nescio quid maius nascitur Iliade!