'FIRST, you know, Caius Marcius is CHIEF ENEMY to the people' a rude grasp at causes. This captain will establish a common intelligence in his company before they proceed any further; that their acting may be one, and to purpose. For there is no command but that here. Cit. We know't, we know't. First Cit. Let us kill him, and we'll have corn at our own price. Is't a verdict? Cit.

You are a Scotchman without the faults of a Scotchman. You would not have been so valuable as you are, had you not been a Scotchman. Talking of divorces, I asked if Othello's doctrine was not plausible? 'He that is robb'd, not wanting what is stolen, Let him not know't, and he's not robb'd at all . Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Thrale joined against this.

No more nor that old deaf gammon there that costs me three tizzies a week, and haint worth a h'porth no more nor Meg there, that's making all she can o' them pains. They be all a foolin' o' me, an' thinks I don't know't. Hey? we'll see. All this time he was cutting a bit of tobacco into shreds on the window-stone.

Sampson inquired brusquely if she took him for a fool. She replied calmly: "No; for a very clever, but rather opinionated personage. "Opinionated? So is ivery man who has grounnds for his opinin. D'ye think, because Dockers Short, an' Bist, an' Kinyon, an' Cuckoo, an' Jackdaw, an' Starling, an' Co., don't know the dire effecks of calomel an' drastics on the buddy, I don't know't?

Neither could it be truthfully said to be a surprise to Little Bel; for she had not been woman, had she failed to recognize on the previous day that the rugged Scotchman's whole nature had gone out toward her in a sudden and overmastering attraction. Sandy looked at her keenly. "Eh, ye know't a'ready," he said, "the thing I came to say t' ye."

"I thank you more than I can tell, Ben," said Noll, taking the skipper's hand; "and have you taken your pay for the freight and all the trouble?" "The freight be paid fur," said Ben, "an' the trouble likewise. An' ef ye hev anythin' more fur the 'Gull' ter do, don't ye be backward, boy, about lettin' her know't."

Garland, who had seen the spot, but decided to say nothing about it. "Why, hot suds and a drop ammonia'll fade it out like sunshine, and nobody never know't was there. Wait till I get my pan now, Doctor." "I wisht the coat could set a little snugger round your neck, Mr. V.V. But mercy, who cares, when you look so beautiful anyway!

'Hoo! he exclaimed more gently, 'an' if Silas be thy uncle thou'lt be come to live wi' him, and thou'rt she as come overnight eh? I made no answer, but I believe I looked both angrily and disdainfully. 'And what make ye alone here? and how was I to know't, an' Milly not wi' ye, nor no one?

"You are all resolved rather to die than to famish?" Cit. "Resolved, resolved." 1 Cit. "First you know, Caius Marcus is chief enemy to the people." Cit. "We know't, we know't." 1 Cit. "Let's kill him, and we'll have corn at our own price. Is't a verdict?" Coriolanus.

"Ay, sir, we all knowed it then, sure enough; Madam seemed to know't from the first. When they told her I'n seen Mr. Melcombe, she fell in a grete faint, and wrung her hands, and went in another faint, and cried out he were dead; but the sperit never walked any more, folks said it came for a token to I, 'her did ought to look for death by-times, said they." "That's all, is it?"