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I can't tell you what we talked about, because sometimes well, it was atrociously risqué as women will, you know, and " "At a quarter before twelve you were still sitting up talking, and you had your kimonos on?" "Yes, and oh, you just ought to see Hazel's new kimono pink crêpe de chine, trimmed with satin. She looks simply ravishing in it. I told Sis I wanted one like it, but "

"Then I can wear " said Marjorie, and stopped to consider. She had one frock that was very gorgeous, and she decided to wear it. It would certainly seem meek contrasted with Mrs. Schneider's red satin. "Come on, and I'll bring this, and we can hook each other up," Peggy proposed ardently, and followed her down in a kimono.

Barbara was alone when he arrived, and he entered her room in some embarrassment. He could not imagine Sybil's receiving male visitors in her bedroom, and he was shy to find himself alone with Barbara and to see her lying in a blue silk kimono with the Persian kitten asleep on a chair by her side and two tables submerged by Madonna lilies.

It's underhanded and mean, but you're a mean person, and the finger of Providence is directing you." She snatched up the silken kimono and ran into her room, locking the door behind her. Hurriedly she put it on, then posed before the mirror. Next down came her hair amid a shower of pins.

She sat down on the window-seat in the hall and leaned back against the casement of the open window. The warm Spring wind, laden with the sweet scent of growing things, played caressingly about her neck and carried to Alden a subtle fragrance of another sort. Her turquoise-blue silk kimono, delicately embroidered in gold, was open at the throat and fastened at the waist with a heavy golden cord.

Roberta came up to her sister-in-law from behind and put both arms about her. "Stephen came and whispered in my ear to-night," said she, "and wanted to know if I had ever seen Rosy look sweeter. I said I had an hour before. He asked what you had on, and I said, 'A gray kimono and the baby on her arm. He smiled and nodded and I saw the look in his eyes."

He wore a yellow silk kimono; and, with greater composure than he had yet revealed, he seated himself in the armchair that Soames might shave him. This operation Soames accomplished, and the subject, having partially dressed, returned to the bathroom to brush his hair. When his toilet was practically completed: "Shall I pack the rest of the things in the bag, sir?" asked Soames.

His wife wears a cotton kimono, and the pair of them can dress themselves handsomely for coolies from head to foot for a sum of 45 sen, which, taking the sen at a halfpenny, amounts to 1 S. 10-1/2d. in our money. When Japanese boys and girls go to school, they make very low bows to their teacher and draw in the breath with a buzzing sound.

Making due allowance for the youth-and-beauty-destroying effects of the kimono, curling "kids," and cold cream, and substituting in their stead a snug corset, an undulated pompadour, and a powdered countenance, respectively, I knew about what to look for in the daylight Miss Jamison. A short, plump, blonde lady in the middle forties, I predicted to myself.

He had left his cigarettes down stairs; there were some in a box on a table, she made him take one and lit it for him, then she disappeared into a room adjoining, returning in a few minutes dressed in a kimono covered with golden swallows and followed by the maid. Then she took her seat before a great mirror and the maid began to take down her hair and brush it.