"Meetin's adjourned," he announced, "pendin' the issue o' the papers to-morrow mornin'. Scraggsy, you oughter j'ine the Band o' Hope. You're ugly when you got a drink in you." Neils Halvorsen interfered to beg a cigar of Mr. Gibney and the affair passed over. At six o'clock the following morning the members of the syndicate were awakened by a prodigious pounding at their respective doors.

"'Texas,'says Boggs, settin' down his glass an' bendin' a eye full of indignant reproach on Thompson; 'Texas, before I'd give way to sech onmanly weakness, jest because my wife's done stampeded, I'd j'ine the church. Sech mush from a cow-man is disgraceful. You'll come down to herdin' sheep if you keeps on surrenderin' yourse'f to sech sloppy bluffs.

"I on'y wish," added the latter, "that Jim Freeman was free to j'ine, but Fred Martin's not likely to let him go, for he's uncommon fond of him." "He's doin' good work for the Master where he is," returned Lockley, "and we'll manage to catch as true and able a man among the North Sea fleets afore long. There's as good fish in the sea, you know, as ever came out of it.

"Wait you here, Sarpent," said Deerslayer as he followed in the footsteps of the dejected beauty, while passing his friend. "I will just see Judith among her party, and come and j'ine you." A hundred yards had hid the couple from those in front, as well as those in their rear, when Judith turned, and spoke. "This will do, Deerslayer," she said sadly.

"You haven't lost faith in your own power o' self-denial surely?" "No, nor that either, but but " "Come now, none o' your `buts. Come along; my mate Dick Martin is in here, an' he's the best o' company." "Dick Martin in there!" repeated Lockley, on whom a sudden thought flashed. "Is he one o' your hands?" "In course he is. Left the Grimsby fleet a-purpose to j'ine me.

I does try to j'ine, final, an' is only saved tharfrom, an' from what would, ondoubted, have been my certain death, by a reb gen'ral named Wheeler. He don't mean to do it; she's inadvertent so far as he's concerned; but he saves me jest the same.

"Now if," pursued the Tinker, "if you'm minded, both on ye, for to j'ine comp'ny and travel the country awhile along o' Diogenes an' me say the word, an' I'll be the j'y-fullest tinker 'twixt here an' John o' Groat's!" As he ended, Diana reached out suddenly and, catching his hand, fondled those work-roughened fingers against her soft cheek.

So, on them grounds, I votes that we j'ine company an' go to work at seven o'clock to-morrow mornin'." "Das ist goot advise," said the German, slapping Joe on the shoulder, "an' I vould add mine vott, vich is, to make you commandair of de forces." "Very good, then I command you to shut your mouth, and go to bed." "Unpossabil," replied Meyer, "for I do snor, an' always do him troo de mout'."

"But, s'pose furst," went on Archie B. argumentatively, "that you wanted to give some money fur a little church that you wanted to j'ine up on the mountain side, a little po'-fo'k church, that depended on charity " "I understan's, I understan's, Archie B., that wus the Lord's doin's, ten to one on the monkey, Archie ten to one!"

The outfit ambled up to the starting judge, and the old driver handed him fifty dollars. The starter laughed as he recovered himself, and winking at the others, asked: "What's this for, old man?" "Oh, jes' thought I'd j'ine in " smiling. "Why, you can't do it. What's your authority?"