He was emboldened at last to say, with hesitation, "Could not you speak to Dr. Hoxton for me?" "My father has said all he could in your behalf."

As regards simple absence of joy, Hoxton, Haggerston, Pentonville, Clerkenwell, or Kentish Town, might contend, and have a fair chance of success, with any portion whatever of the East-end proper. But, then, around Mile End lie Stepney, Whitechapel, Bethnal Green, the Cambridge Road, the Commercial Road, Bow, Stratford, Shadwell, Limehouse, Wapping, and St. George's-in-the-East.

"What, up already, Norman? I came to tell you that our affairs must wait till the afternoon. It is very provoking, for Hoxton may be gone out, but Mr. Lake's son, at Groveswood, has an attack on the head, and I must go at once. It is a couple of dozen miles off or more. I have hardly ever been there, and it may keep me all day." "Shall you go in the gig?

By the bye," she said, in her universal amity, "I must ask Harvey Anderson to dinner one of these days?" Norman started, and his face said "Don't." "Oh, very well; it is as you please. I thought it would please Stoneborough, and that Edward was a protege of yours. What has he been doing? Did we not hear he had been distinguishing himself? Dr. Hoxton was boasting of his two scholars."

The account reminded her of no other fact than was remembered already. She turned on to the following week's report of the inquest. After a miserable perusal she could find no more pertaining to Mrs. Manston's address than this: 'ABRAHAM BROWN, of Hoxton, London, at whose house the deceased woman had been living, deposed, etc. Nobody else from London had attended the inquest.

I have thought fit to restore it to the text. "Here's Mr. Thurston," concludes Clariana's speech. From Shirley we learn that the apprentices took their pleasure in the mild form of treating their sweethearts to cream and prunes: Pimlico seems to have been a place near Hoxton famous for its ales and custards; cf. Mayne's City Match, II. 6.

"Papa is so much pleased with dear Norman's behaviour that it quite makes up for all the disappointment," said Margaret. "Besides, he is very much obliged to him in one way; he would not have liked to have to battle the matter with Dr. Hoxton. He spoke of Norman's great good judgment." "Yes, Norman can persuade papa to anything," said Flora. "Yes, I wish papa had not yielded," said Ethel.

Hoxton undertook one, with Flora as an aide-de-camp, and some nieces to assist; Lady Leonora was to chaperon Miss Rivers; and a third, to Flora's regret, had been allotted to Miss Cleveland, a good-natured, merry, elderly heiress, who would, Flora feared, bring on them the whole "Stoneborough crew." And then she began to reckon up the present resources drawings, bags, and pincushions.

The memory of her last words cheered Jack as he walked to the high-road and thence to his studio. Alphonse had prepared him a tempting little supper, and he did not go to town that night. The next morning London awoke to a new sensation, which quite eclipsed the week-old theft of the Duchess of Hightower's jewels and the recent mysterious murder at Hoxton.

'The fellow that you brought to Maplewood? asked Hector. 'I thought he was at school. 'Didn't you know that old Hoxton has given leave to any of the sixth form to drill and practise? and that trumpery fellow, Henry, says he can't afford the outfit, though his sister would have given the uniform.