Thereupon the mother went out, but Vardiello stayed behind; and, in order to lose no time, he went into the garden to dig holes, which he covered with boughs and earth, to catch the little thieves who come to steal the fruit. And as he was in the midst of his work, he saw the hen come running out of the room, whereupon he began to cry, "Hish, hish! this way, that way!"

She was sitting on hish knees, cuddling and he was putting a ring on her finger. 'Four more days, darling, shays he, 'and we are married! Jerushalem! Damn the Compact and damnsh Hamar! 'Hamar doesn't shuspect, does he? Rosenberg shays.

I wish we had never come." The boar-pig had drawn nearer to the gate for a closer inspection of the human intruders, and stood champing his jaws and blinking his small red eyes in a manner that was doubtless intended to be disconcerting, and, as far as the Stossens were concerned, thoroughly achieved that result. "Shoo! Hish! Hish! Shoo!" cried the ladies in chorus.

"How observant you are," said Adela bitterly. "You seem to notice everything. As a matter of fact, it has got six chrysanthemums in its mouth at the present moment." The necessity for doing something was becoming imperative. Eshley took a step or two in the direction of the animal, clapped his hands, and made noises of the "Hish" and "Shoo" variety.

Don't he, boys?" inquired Jimmy. "But he ain't no interesting character. Jisht common man, Dannie is. Honest man. Never told a lie in his life. Yesh, he did, too. I forgot. He liesh for me. Jish liesh and liesh. Liesh to Mary. Tells her any old liesh to keep me out of schrape. You ever have frind hish up and drive ten milesh for you night like thish, and liesh to get you out of schrape?"

"Religious you lived, father Sheremiah, and religious you put on a White Shirt." Then Aben spoke of the sight he had seen. The old man opened his lips, counseling: "Hish, hish, boys. Break you trenches in Penlan, Dan. Poor bad are farms without water. More than everything is water."

Later in the day, as Ishmael and his shadow, the professor, were standing leaning over the bulwarks of the ship and watching the setting sun sink into the water, leaving a trail of light upon the surface of the sea, he heard a familiar voice exclaim: "Fader Abraham! Tere ish tat yunk shentleman ant hish olt man again!" And Ishmael turned and saw the German Jew standing near him.

"Hish!" mutters the father, interrupting both with speech and gesture; then adds, "keep tight hold of the reins; don't let the pony budge an inch!"

It is a man, too, well known to the gamblers, and they all vote in Lockwin's district. Parlor entertainers make a famous sneeze by delegating to each of a group some vowel in the word "h sh!" It shall be "hash" for this one, "hish" for that one, "hush" for still another, and so on. Then the professor counts three, at which all yell together, and the consolidated sound is a sneeze.

On the trunk of one of these I sat down to rest, Mary Quince meanwhile pattering about in unmeaning explorations. While thus listlessly seated, the girl Meg Hawkes, walked by, carrying a basket. 'Hish! she said quickly, as she passed, without altering a pace or raising her eyes; 'don't ye speak nor look fayther spies us; I'll tell ye next turn. 'Next turn' when was that?