The Widdy Bourke's thatch was set in a blaze, "and it was a livin' miracle that the whole of them wasn't frizzled up like a pan of fryin' herrin's." It may have been ten days or so after this that a good many of the neighbours had dropped in one evening at Mrs. Doyne's.

Them feet-folks from York and Leeds that be always eatin' cured herrin's and drinkin' tea an' lookin' out to buy cheap jet would creed aught. I wonder masel' who'd be bothered tellin' lies to them, even the newspapers, which is full of fool-talk."

"The streets is as slippery as glass, and as crowded as herrin's in a barrel. I'll do it in three-quarters for a quid, yer honour." It was now nearly half-past ten; that would make it a quarter-past eleven. To me it was drawing it terribly fine, but I consented. If he were not spurred on by thought of reward, short as the distance was, there was no knowing how long he would be.

"As soon as we had got our boxes aboard, four fresh men put out in the boat, an' after a while they come back with another load. An' I was mighty keerful to read the names on all the boxes. Some was meat-pies, an' some was salmon, an' some was potted herrin's, an' some was lobsters. But nary a thing could I see that ever had growed on a tree.

Fine days, however, is scarce in January on that herrin' pond I'll take just another; mentionin' herrin's makes me dry and when you gits 'em they are most always weather-breeders. I went up on to the main royal yard when our side come up at 8 o'clock one mornin' for to sew on the leather on the parral, and it were like a day in May.

"Cum er long hunny an' let yer mammy fix yer 'spectabul, so yer ken go to skule. Yer mammy is 'tarmined ter gib yer all de book larning dar is ter be had eben ef she has ter lib on bred an' herrin's, an' die en de a'ms house."

I feel'd within mysel', that if I'd only haen the chance see 'at that reed herrin's no' burnin' I michta been a dreel sergint or a general " "A general haiverin' ass," I strak in. "See; there's your herrin'; poor oot your tea noo, an' haud your lang tongue."

They're very good, teacher, ale-whops are very good, though they're bony as the they're 'tarnal bony, teacher. They're what we call herrin's in the winter." Grandpa then laughed a little and showed his teeth.

So I can advise ye that there was a boat frae the Isle o' Man wi' herrin's for the great houses, though never a fin o' them like the halesome fish I carry here in my creel. Wad ye like to see them, to buy a dozen for the bonny lass that's waiting for ye? That were a present to recommend ye, indeed far mair than your gaudy flowers, fule ballads, and sic like trash!"

"The Fish Commissioner wor up here last week, an' sez he to me, sez he, 'It's a mikroptheros, so it is. 'What's that? sez I. 'That! sez he; and he slaps him into an illigant glass bottle of sperrits, as I thought he was goin' to say to me, 'McGrath, have ye a mouth on ye? an' I as dhry as if I'd et red herrin's for a week.