She disengaged herself gently with neither excitement nor emotion, and pointing to the open door said, "Look there!" Two of the logs which formed the foundation of their floor were quietly floating in the water before the cabin! The submerged obstacle or snag which had torn them from their fastening was still holding the cabin fast. Hemmingway saw the danger.

But say," here I indulges in my most comic open-face movement, "who do you suppose did the trick on us?" Old Hickory stares at me and waves his cigar impatient. "Go on," he growls. "You know Miss Vee's aunt," says I, "Mrs. Cornelia Hemmingway? Well, she's got him. Yep! Just naturally kidnapped him, I expect. I had my suspicions of her the minute I found the Captain was gone.

"And I want to tell you right now, young man, that I consider your action in shooting off those guns at us was " "I presume you recognize the United States Navy, madam?" breaks in the officer. "Not necessarily," snaps Auntie. "I don't in the least see why we should, I'm sure." "Certainly we do," corrects Old Hickory. "But, as Mrs. Hemmingway observes, we dislike to be shot at."

Still, I felt that it was my duty to make the fight, let the result be what it might. If Congressmen had been elected in 1874 the State would have returned five Republicans and one Democrat as was done in 1872; but in 1875 the prospect was not so bright, the indications were not so favorable. The Democrats nominated for State Treasurer Hon. Wm. L. Hemmingway, of Carroll County.

I tries to call Vee on the 'phone as soon as I've discovered where she is, and all the satisfaction I get is a message delivered by a French maid that "Miss Hemmingway is otherwise engaged." Wouldn't that crust you? But I've been up against this embargo game before, you know; so the first chance I gets I slips uptown to do a little scoutin' at close range.

Hemmingway was tried, convicted, sentenced and served a term in the State Prison; all of which he calmly endured rather than give the name of any person having connection with that unfortunate affair. All the satisfaction that the public can get with reference to it, other than the punishment to which Hemmingway was subjected, is to indulge in conjectures about it.

He just sits there glarin' at me, missin' the comedy cue altogether. "Young man," says he, "just a moment before we get any further off the track. How did Mrs. Hemmingway happen to learn about Captain Killam?" "Why," says I, "she had her ear out while, I was tellin' Miss Vee. Would you believe, though, that an old girl like her " "I would," says he.

"You have exposed my poor strategy," says she; "but a little late, I trust." Mr. Ellins makes her a bow. "Mrs. Hemmingway," says he, "my compliments on your cleverness as a tactician. But I fail to see how you justify your methods. You knew that I was negotiating with Captain Killam?" "Oh, yes," says she. "And in spite of that," goes on Mr.

"I go out with that man Hemmingway to play an ordinary friendly round nothing depending on it except a measly ball and on the seventh he pulls me up and claims the hole simply because I happened to drop my niblick in the bunker. Oh, well, a tick's a tick, and there's nothing more to say, I suppose." The Sage shook his head. "Rules are rules, my boy, and must be kept.

Hemmingway had been quite prominent in the politics of the State; but those who knew the man, and I was one of those, had every reason to believe that he was an honest man, and that he was the personification of integrity. He was neither a speculator nor a gambler.