"... O honte, un lansquenet Gauche, et parodiant César dont il hérite, Gouverne les esprits du fond de sa guérite!" These manuscripts are lost. The police might come back at any moment, in fact they did come back a few minutes after I had left. I kissed my wife; I would not wake my daughter, who had just fallen asleep, and I went downstairs again.

Truly etiquette is a curious and arbitrary thing, and differs in every country. In France, where they consider English people frightfully gauche, all this etiquette is reversed, and is very much more like ours in America. A Frenchman always takes off his hat on entering or leaving a railway carriage if ladies are in it.

Nini obeyed instantly. Funny little fluffy clouds indeed! The shaking of the earth beneath my feet and a second of reflection told me, they were not clouds, before they would be directed westward was but shells and how long it would be a question that chilled the blood in my veins. The town we were heading for La Ferte Gauche lay southeast.

Their credo is, 'I believe in beauty and fine linen, and the thing that is not gauche." His wife was smiling. "Well, have it your own way. It is a creed of comfort, at any rate.

The charitable said she was shy, the malicious called her gauche, without perhaps knowing exactly what they meant; and everyone who had talked to her asserted that she had no conversation, and did not appear in the least a suitable wife for a clever man like Mr. Rose. "Poor little girl!" Herrick rose from his seat with a sigh at the end of the long, dreary evening.

He talks of the douce petite race naturellement chretienne, his race fiere et timide, a l'exterieur gauche et embarrassee. But it is evident that this description, however well it may do for the Cymri, will never do for the Gael, never do for the typical Irishman of Donnybrook fair.

Begg, Batter, and Bagg, was sitting in his office a day or two later when a clerk ushered in the Earl of Windgall. "What's this news about Gallowbay, Begg? Is it true?" asked the earl. "It is certainly true," answered Begg. "What sort of fellow is this Kimberley?" "Well, he seems to be a shy little man, gauche, and and underbred, even for his late position." "That's a pity.

"Oh, it's too thick to see for the rain." "Yes, sare; but you see out zare in ze arbour ze two lights." "Nonsense man!" cried Uncle Paul, half angrily. "That is the English schooner ours." "Oh, non, non, non, monsieur! Away to ze gauche ze left hand. Ze sheep with two high, tall mast, that we all see here when she come in ze storm yesterday.

But to be gauche is merely to be awkward and clumsy; while to be right is something far higher and more important. So unlucky, indeed, does the left hand at last become that merely to mention it is an evil omen; and so the Greeks refused to use the true old Greek word for left at all, and preferred euphemistically to describe it as euonymos, the well-named or happy-omened.

The two centres, centre droit and centre gauche, had everything in their hands as the great moderating elements of the Assembly, but the conflicting claims of the various parties, Legitimist, Orleanist, Bonapartist, and advanced Left, made the question a very difficult one. W. as a member of the Comite des Trente was very much occupied and preoccupied.