He held in one hand a large platter piled high with wafer-like sandwiches, which he was consuming at a Gargantuan rate, and as he ate, he smiled to himself. 'Well, Mr. Ogre, said the doctor, sitting down beside him with a gasp of relief; 'let a wave-worn mariner into your den, will you? Provided with an auditor, Judge Emery's smile broke into an open laugh.

Bobby couldn't resent the suspicion which appeared to offer the only explanation of what had happened. The candle flickered in the draft. "Look out!" Bobby warned. The misshapen shadows danced with a multiple vivacity across the walls. Graham shaded the candle flame, and the shadows became like morbid decorations, gargantuan and motionless. "It's madness," Graham said.

Payne, I've tried them all, won them all, and that " he blew out a great cloud of smoke "that is more real and satisfying than all of them put together." "Have your liver examined," advised Payne; "that's probably what's the matter with you." Garman's Gargantuan burst of laughter rocked him in the saddle. "Good boy! We'll have a lot of fun before we're through with one another.

Still others, close to the brood barns and pens, were being grazed by rotund Shropshire and French-Merino ewes, or were being hogged off by white Gargantuan brood-sows that brought a flash of pleasure in his eyes as he rode past and gazed. He rode through what was almost a village, save that there were neither shops nor hotels.

The leg and wing of a duck were disposed of by this gentleman in a twinkling; a brace of pigeons and a pound of steak followed with equal celerity; and he had just begun to make a fierce assault upon the eggs and ham. His appetite was perfectly Gargantuan. Nor must it be imagined, that while he thus exercised his teeth, he neglected the flagon.

Wealth, wine, the body and its pleasures, the cunning handicraft and inherited lore of hundreds of years and many generations seemed to take visible shape in the fine old town, in its vast wine-cellars, and in the old inn where we stayed with its Gargantuan bill of fare, and its abonnés from the town, ruddy, full-fleshed citizens, whose achievements in the way of eating and drinking we watched with amazement.

Of course Susan began the inevitable question, but Barbara hurriedly notified some dereliction with regard to gravy, and my small daughter was, so to speak, hustled out of the conversation. Jaffery by way of apology for his Gargantuan appetite discoursed on the privations of travel in uncivilised lands. A lump of sour butter for lunch and a sardine and a hazelnut for dinner.

No other ears had heard, no other eyes had seen, the signs that the old seaman had sensed above the sucking of the pumps. "She rises, I tell ye!" Then from the swirling water alongside, rising swiftly as the tide made, came a long, hollow sound like a Gargantuan boot being tugged out of a morass.

In addition he produced a quite shocking study of my uncle, excessively and needlessly nude, but, so far as I was able to judge, an admirable likeness, engaged in feats of strength of a Gargantuan type before an audience of deboshed and shattered ladies. The legend, "Health, Beauty, Strength," below, gave a needed point to his parody.

Two hundred and fifty precious and skillfully selected guests ate two hundred and fifty gargantuan dinners and twice as many suppers; drank barrels of the rarest of wines; smoked countless two dollar Perfectos and stuffed their pockets with enough to last them for days to come; burnt up five thousand cigarettes and ate at least two dozen eggs for breakfast, and then flitted away with a thousand complaints in two hundred and fifty Pullman drawing-rooms, Nothing could have been more accurately pulled-off than the wonderful Blitherwood ball.