There are half a dozen of them: a fuchsia, a convolvulus, lilies. "I do not think much of them," say I, disparagingly, kneeling down to examine them. "What a villainous rose! It is like an artichoke!" "I told you you would not like them," he says, not looking at the flowers, but switching a little stick nonchalantly about; then, after a moment: "How long did you say you had been abroad?"

In a window with a south aspect, and which lights a room where fires are kept, at least during cold weather, specimens of Phyllocactus, Cereus flagelliformis, Epiphyllum, and, in fact, of almost every kind of Cactus, are sometimes to be met with even in England; whilst in Germany they are as popular among the poorer classes as the Fuchsia, the Pelargonium, and the Musk are with us.

She held it a moment as if expecting him to say something, but he only raised his hat. His face was white as marble. He will speak yet, she thought. Over the gateway to the churchyard there was an arch of flowers and evergreens, with an inscription in coloured letters: "God bless the happy pair." The sloping path going down as to a dell was strewn with gilvers and slips of fuchsia.

I like to hear how 'things come' to you. You must always tell me when new things come. By the way, who told you that fuchsia was salmon-coloured?" "I saw it was," she said, surprised that he needed to ask such a question. "I saw it one day when we had boiled salmon for dinner. Isn't it nice when you see that one thing's like another?

"Tell me who it is." But Fuchsia merely looked down on the ground and maintained an unusual silence. "Do you know anyone that the cap fits?" persisted Sophy. Then, with a quick movement, she put the hat aside and, confronting her companion, said, "Surely surely, you don't mean Aunt Flora?" Fuchsia's reply was a slow, deliberate nod. "Oh, Fuchsia, this is too dreadful how can you?

The cliff just here is overhung with bougainvillæas, geraniums, fuchsias, aloes, prickly pears, and other flowers, which grow luxuriantly quite down to the water's edge, wherever they can contrive to find a root-hold. After five o'clock tea we rode up the Mount and through the woods on horseback, along a road gay with masses of wild geranium, hydrangea, amaryllis, and fuchsia.

There we took train, for railways were running in Ellan now, and down the sweet valleys that used to be green with grass, and through the little crofts that used to be red with fuchsia, there was a long raw welt of upturned earth.

Big burly geraniums and proud dahlias must keep in their places and give the dainty lobelia, cinnamon pinks, oxalis and candy tuft their chance. The oxalis! How we tended it in pots in New England, and out here in California, bless its heart, it runs around like a native daughter. And as for the fuchsia, how far it has grown from the blue laws. There is no formality in Zoe's garden.

Once the drug it's cocaine and morphia mixed gets a fast hold of a man, or woman, he or she is doomed!" "Oh, Fuchsia, surely not so bad as that!" "It's true; the poor thieve to get a few annas to spend in the dens; the rich and educated buy it by stealth, and absorb it at home in secret." "What are the symptoms?" inquired Sophy. "Have you ever seen anyone who took those drugs?"

Johnson or Fred, as I used to call him by this time only exaggerated the truth about the shrubs that grow in the greenhouse atmosphere of South Devon, when he talked of the captain's fuchsia trees being as big as the old willows by the canal wharf; but the parrots must have been a complete invention. He said the captain had seven.