"They are good fellows, of course, with a hundred fine qualities which I lack, but they do not understand half that one may say, or think even the Captain. He is well educated, in his way, but it is only the way of a coasting-captain who has risen by his merits to the command of a foreign-going ship." Miriam gave an impatient little sigh. He had veered again from the point.

In days long gone by, if all tales are true, the people of these coasts had no good reputation among sailors, and their habits and customs were wont to give rise to much friction and ill-will betwixt England and Scotland. It is certain that in 1472 they plundered the great foreign-going barge built by Bishop Kennedy of St.

Cappy piped. "Hum-m-m! A ship is good. I bought four; and believe me! they're no skiffs, either. All of them are big foreign-going steel tramps, with lots of speed and power." "Four for half a million dollars?" Matt Peasley cried unbelievingly. "They would have cost anybody else a million and a half; but er well, you see, Matt, I had a stand-in with the right people.

On the other side of the harbor lay the marshes, threaded by steaming creeks, up which here and there the pointed sails of the hidden hay-barges crept, the sunshine turning them to white flames: farther off stood a screen of woods, and from brim to brim between swelled the broad, smooth sheet of the river, coming from the great mountains that gave it birth, washing clean a score of towns on its way, and loitering just here by the pleasant old fishing-town, whose wharves, once doing a mighty business with the Antilles and the farther Indies, now, in the absence of their half dozen foreign-going craft, lay at the mercy of any sand-droger that chose to fling her cable round their capstans.

After the abolition of embassies to China, at the close of the ninth century, oversea trade declined for a time. But the inhabitants of Tsukushi and Naniwa, which were favourably located for voyages, continued to visit China and Korea, whence they are reported to have obtained articles of value. Other ports frequented by foreign-going ships were Kanzaki, Eguchi, Kaya, Otsu, and Hakata.

"Take a telegram, fast day message," he barked: "'His Excellency, The President, White House, Washington, D. C. Dear Mister President: I did not vote for you last fall, but your address of last night makes me ashamed that I did not. I am controlling owner of the Blue Star Navigation Company, operating a fleet of fifty vessels of various kinds, twelve of which are foreign-going steam freighters.

Rogers, who had posted straight to Plymouth from the inquest, spent a couple of days in pushing inquiries here, there and everywhere. But not even the promise of a clue rewarded him. Two foreign-going vessels and four coasters had sailed from the port on the morning after the murder.

I puts it to ye, Pat Kavanagh, because ye knows the world an' how sich things bes done aboard foreign-going ships." "This harbor bain't no foreign-going ship, Denny," replied the poet. "True, Pat; but if I calls it a ship it bes the same as one!" retorted the skipper.

Owing to the generally slow rate of sailing when on voyages and to the great length of time taken in unloading and reloading abroad both being often effected 'in the stream' and with the ship's own boats the figures for clearances outward much more nearly represented the amount of our 'foreign-going' tonnage a century ago than similar figures would now in these days of rapid movement.

I have already given reasons why, in the natural course of things, this disparity between the American and the British foreign-going merchant marine will not long continue. And indeed, as this book is writing, it is apparent that its end is near.