"See here, you chaps," said Flockley. "What are your names?" "If you want to know so bad, my name is Dick Rover and this is my brother Sam." "And who was the other fellow?" asked Koswell. "My brother Tom." "Three brothers, eh, and named Rover!" growled Dudd Flockley. "All right, I'll remember that, and I'll remember how you treated us up to the Sanderson place."

"See here, Minnie, are you going to stand for this?" growled Dudd Flockley. "It ain't fair! We're old friends, and " "You had no right to touch me, Mr. Flockley," answered the girl. "I told you to let me go. I I thought you were a a gentleman." And now the tears began to show in Minnie Sanderson's eyes. "I am a gentleman." "You didn't act like one."

"It won't hurt you a bit," added Jerry Koswell. "I want you to let me go!" cried the girl. "I will as soon as " began Dudd Flockley, and then he gave a sudden roar of pain as he found himself caught by the ear. Then a hand caught him by the arm and he was whirled around and sent into a corner with a crash. At the same time Jerry Koswell was tackled and sent down in a heap in another corner.

But he got no further, for Dick suddenly wheeled him around and gave him a shove that sent him through the doorway and off the back porch. "Now the other fellow," said the oldest Rover, but before Tom and Sam could touch Jerry Koswell that individual ducked and ran after Flockley. Then both young men stood at a safe distance. "We'll fix you for this!" roared Flockley.

The two walked toward the river, and after a few minutes espied Flockley and the others sitting on some rocks, in the sun, talking earnestly. "I want to hear what they are saying," said Songbird. "I have a special reason." And at Max's look of surprise he told something of what had happened. "If Koswell is that mean he ought to be exposed," said Max.

"I thought there were three of you, from what Larry said." "So there are," answered Dick, and told about Tom and the missing dress-suit case. "Tom ought to be getting back," he added. Stanley had been at Brill for two days and had met both Flockley and Koswell. He did not fancy either of the sophomores.

Frank was big and strong, but Dick managed to hold him so that all the sophomore leader could do was to get his finger tips on the sought-for necktie. Flockley tackled Tom, and much to his surprise was tripped up and sent flat on his back. Mad with sudden rage, Flockley scrambled up and let out a savage kick for Tom's stomach. But Tom was too quick for the sophomore, and leaped to one side.

Yes, I'm crazy with joy. Who wouldn't be to get free so easily?" "But explain it," begged Sam. "I can't explain it. As I said, the president tried to make me confess, and of course I had nothing to confess. When the telephone rang I heard one voice and then two others, one after another. I think they belonged to Koswell, Flockley and Larkspur, but I am not sure.

Of course they fought desperately to push the freshmen back, but they were outnumbered, as already told. "Now, then, every fellow who will promise not to take part in the necktie rush Monday will be allowed to go free," said Dick loudly. "The others must take their ducking in the water and mud." "Let me go!" roared Dudd Flockley. "I'm not going to have this suit ruined!"

"Yes, Minnie, but we won't go until you do that," answered the young man named Dudd Flockley. "Wha what do you mean?" faltered the girl. And now, looking through the sitting-room window and through a doorway leading to the kitchen, the Rover boys saw a pretty damsel of sixteen standing by a pantry door, facing two dudish young men of eighteen or twenty.