"Well, Maitland," said a man sitting down beside him, "what have you been doing this long time?" "What have I been doing, Barton?" Maitland answered. "Oh, I have been reflecting on the choice of a life, and trying to humanize myself! Bielby says I have not enough human nature." "Bielby is quite right; he is the most judicious of college dons and father-confessors, old man.

In the East, sages are still to be found, usually gray-bearded elders, honored and influential in the tribe or town. Of the three classes of Israel's teachers the sages stood in closest touch with the people. They were naturally the father-confessors of the community. Observation was their guide, enlightened common sense their interpreter, and experience their teacher.

"As every human being is! and especially as every woman is in all affairs of the heart," gravely returned the abbess. "Can you spare me a few minutes, mother? Will you come in and let me talk to you a little while? Have you time? I want to talk to you. Oh! I wish we had mother-confessors for women for girls, I mean, instead of father-confessors.

"I cannot but regret the circumstance," said George, "but it is nothing to them; they are not our father-confessors, and we are not bound to enter into any particulars with them. The greatest difficulty with me is how to manage when I get home. I don't like deceiving my mother; but I should not like to pain her by saying I have been to the theatre.

On the second day, around evening, I entered Hans Pflock's house where Tetzel was assembled with the father-confessors and crowds of priests, and I addressed them in Latin and requested that they might allow me, poor man, to ask, according to the command in the Pope's letter, for the absolution of all my sins for nothing and for the sake of God, 'etiam nullo casu reservato, without reserving a single case, and in regard to the same they should give me the Pope's 'literas testimoniales, or written testimony.

Wybrow looked at me with a smile. "It is impossible to persuade ladies," he said, "that we, too, are father-confessors in our way. The first duty of a doctor, Mrs. Eyrecourt " "Is to cure people, of course," she interposed in her smartest manner. The doctor answered seriously. "No, indeed. That is only the second duty. Our first duty is invariably to respect the confidence of our patients.

"For God's sake," said Everard, who had hitherto kept silence, because he knew Cromwell's temper on such occasions, "think better of what you do!" "Is it for thee to teach me?" replied Cromwell; "think thou of thine own matters, and believe me it will require all thy wit. And for you, reverend sir, I will have no father-confessors attend my prisoners no tales out of school.

Although he must have been nearly fifty-five, he had never married, and some people declared that he had the intention of starting a new "order" of medical celibates, who would be father-confessors as well as physicians, and who would pray for the souls of their patients after tending their bodily needs.

There is one great truth that you should become a convert to, bishop. 'Ay, ay, what is that? said Pendle, listlessly. 'That medical men are the father-confessors of Protestantism. Good-day! Outside the library Cargrim was idling about, in the hope of picking up some crumbs of information, when Graham took his departure.

Young man, your soul is weak indeed: and remember that it is only the soul that can overcome Satan." In response Silantiev rose to his feet, shook his fist at the old man, and shouted in a rough, angry voice, a voice that was not his own: "All that I have heard before, and from others besides yourself. The truth is that I hold all you father-confessors in abhorrence.