He swung round to stride out of the building, and then started with surprise, for the young esquire's rapier flashed out sharply in the dull light of the lanterns, as he drew and cried sternly: "On your life, sir, stand back, and cease to interfere! I have the highest of commands for what I do." "What!" cried Sir Robert.

His horse answered to the pressure of his knees and moved off upward through the crowd, Saint Simon following his track, and Denis coming last, having no little difficulty in closing up, for the increasing crowd obstructed his way, the people's curiosity being aroused by the strangers. "These horses for sale?" said the man who had been rebuffed, pressing up to the young esquire's knee.

"You said," replied the bishop, with manifest symptoms of alarm "you said the esquire's master was returned he, I mean, of the Couchant Leopard." "And he IS returned," said De Vaux. "I spoke with him but a few hours since. This learned leech came in his company." "Holy Virgin! why told you not of his return to me?" said the bishop, in evident perturbation.

STEELE has treated of, in so different manners, and yet ALL so perfectly well, made the World believe that it was impossible they should all come from the same hand. This set every one upon guessing who was the Esquire's friend? and most people at first fancied it must be Doctor SWIFT; but it is now no longer a secret, that his only great and constant assistant was Mr.

Now, my young masquerader," he cried banteringly to Denis, "there's news for you. Scores of my guards have been scouring the riverside, and they have come to announce that the prisoners have been secured, for our sick friend the Comte was certain to break down before he had gone far. Well, why do you look like that?" he continued, as he noticed the change in the young esquire's face.

Nerle soon tired of the games and dancing, for he had been accustomed to them at his father's castle; and moreover he was shy in the society of ladies; so before many weeks had passed he began to mope and show a discontented face. One day the prince noticed his esquire's dismal expression of countenance, and asked the cause of it.

When he was tended by your mother in the castle, and when even your father still showed himself kind towards him, he asked, as a favour, that his armour and his lance should be allowed to hang in Biorn's armoury Weigand himself, as you well know, intended to build a cloister and to live there as a monk and he put his old esquire's helmet with it, instead of another, because he was yet wearing that one when he first saw the fair Verena's angelic face.

But what do I see? You, a belted Knight, in your plain Esquire's helmet, and the blood-stained surcoat! Ay, and not even the gilded spurs!" he exclaimed indignantly. "Would that I had seen you depart! But it was Leonard's fault. Why, man, knew you not your duty?" "I am no Squire of Eustace Lynwood," said Ashton.

We had at first, indeed, no manner of notion how a diurnal paper could be continued in the spirit and style of our present 'Spectators': but, to our no small surprise, we find them still rising upon us, and can only wonder from whence so prodigious a run of Wit and Learning can proceed; since some of our best judges seem to think that they have hitherto, in general, outshone even the 'Esquire's' first 'Tatlers'.

'Thou hast an esquire's coat; hast thou any hope of thy lands? 'I must strive to earn them by deeds, said Hal. 'And 'Well spoken, lad! 'Tis the manly way; but methought you hadst interest with this King of thine, or hath he only a royal memory for services? 'He is good to me. Yea, most good, began Harry.