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So," continued Jones, producing a specimen of his advertisements in the theatrical publications, "I set out to find what professional had sold a 'prop', to an amateur. I found the sale had been made at Marsfield, Ohio, late in November of last year, by a 'Slippery Sam, termed 'The Elusive Edwardes. On November twenty-eighth of last year Mr.

I think I credited him with insight that I know now he never had. I know now that, even afterwards at the very worst he had no misgivings. All the Hampstead time, all through the Edwardes Square time he was happy. And afterwards well happiness wasn't the word for it; he lived in a sort of ecstasy. Which shows how little in those days she had let him see.

Gough returning to Ghizr, Baird took over command of Gupis, which was garrisoned by the 6th Kashmir Infantry, and I was brought down from Hunza to take over Baird's billet as staff officer. Shortly after, Fowler, R.E., was ordered to Chitral with his Bengal Sappers, and Edwardes, 2nd Bombay Infantry, to the same place, to take command of the Hunza Nagar Levies, which were now called out.

I felt that Sykes of Merton must be having an enjoyable morning, and even the fact that the critics unanimously praised Foster was of little assistance to me. My chance had come, and I had not taken it; there could not have been a more miserable man in Oxford, and for a whole solid week I never cut a lecture or did anything of which even Mr. Edwardes could disapprove.

It was the Edwardes method, wasn't it? I saw it done at his clinic in New York." "Glad you liked it. Yes. Edwardes was a pal at mine in Berlin. A great surgeon, too, poor old chap!" "There aren't three men in the country with the nerve and the hand for it." O'Hara went out, glowing with his own magnanimity. Deep in his heart was a gnawing of envy not for himself, but for his work.

It is true also that outside the Circus and the Fat Sisters and Battling Edwardes there were flaming pictures with reds and yellows thrown about like temperance tracts, but the modern figures in these pictures spoilt the colour, the photography spoilt it too much reality where there should have been mystery, too much mystery where realism was needed.

A great many of them, trained in the art school which Murray Edwardes had been largely instrumental in establishing within easy distance of their houses, were men of genuine artistic gifts and accomplishment, and as the development of one faculty tends on the whole to set others working, when Robert, after a few weeks' work in the place, set up a popular historical lecture once a fortnight, announcing the fact by a blue and white poster in the school-room windows, it was the potters who provided him with his first hearers.

Then Learoyd and I just sat for two or three minutes and laughed until he felt ever so much better. "What are we to do next?" he asked. "After all, it was your essay." "It was no wonder Edwardes jumped about," I said, "I thought he was mad." "So did I, until I saw Collier. But what are we to do?" "You say you are in a fairly tight hole," I replied.

Suddhoo sleeps on the roof generally, except when he sleeps in the street. He used to go to Peshawar in the cold weather to visit his son, who sells curiosities near the Edwardes' Gate, and then he slept under a real mud roof. Suddhoo is a great friend of mine, because his cousin had a son who secured, thanks to my recommendation, the post of head-messenger to a big firm in the Station.

Hartington, but I can assure you that I have no thought or wish for payment of any kind for my share in this business, and am only too glad to have been able to give some little aid towards righting the grievous harm you have suffered, to say nothing of paying off my old score against Brander." Half an hour later Dr. Edwardes returned home. "He is conscious now," he said to Cuthbert.