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I have been working a little, and boarding out, and the boy is going to school. But I can't do heavy work, and work of any kind is hard to get. I find I can't keep going that way." Merton looked with dreamy eyes through the office window, while Dave was turning over the hopelessness of his position, and inwardly cursing a system which made such conditions possible.

Before long, while passing a thicket, he shouted, "There's tracks," and floundered out into the snow, Merton following. "Oh, come back," growled his father. "Let the boys have a few moments," I said. "They gave up this morning about as well as you could expect of boys. Would Junior have gone and taken a strapping if Merton hadn't returned?"

"You better be here before the folks get back!" she warned. Merton knew this as well as she did, but the folks wouldn't be back for a couple of hours yet, and all he meant to venture was a ride at sober pace the length of the alley. "Oh, I'll take care of that!" he said. "A few miles' stiff gallop'll be all I want."

Merton produced, out of his muff, the Australian specimen which Trevor had bought. The doctor inspected it. 'I shall take it to the Ertwa Oknurcha, he said, and shambled out. Presently he returned. 'He will see you, Miss. Merton found the redoubtable Dr.

A. C. D. A. too, and always, he added proudly; but Merton did not think it prudent to ask for further explanations. 'An A. V. I was, an A. V. I am no longer; and I defy popular clamour, accompanied by brickbats, to shake my principles.

"How long afterwards was it when you saw Merton in your own room?" asked Mervyn. "I could not say, sir," answered Smith; "I was soon asleep, and can't say how long I slept before he came." "Was it an hour?" pursued Mervyn. "I can't say," said the man, doubtfully. "Was it five hours?" asked Marston. "No, Sir; I am sure it was not five."

Whether this was his conduct at Merton, or whether an appeal to the visiter's authority was made by him, or his adversaries, or any other member of the college, is not to be known; it appears only, that there was a visitation, that he suffered by it, and resented his punishment. He was afterwards presented to a living of great value, near Banbury, where he had some dispute with archbishop Laud.

An elderly, clean-shaved man with a kindly face and a good brow rose from the end of the table which faced the chairman. "Mr. Treasurer," he asked, "may I ask who has bought the property of this man that we have driven out of the district?" "Yes, Brother Morris. It has been bought by the State & Merton County Railroad Company."

It was a bleak and somber day, and as he broke into a long and picturesque vista, deep among the most sequestered woods, he suddenly saw before him, and scarcely twenty paces from the spot on which he stood, an apparition, which for some moments absolutely froze him to the earth. Travel-soiled, tattered, pale, and wasted, John Merton, the murderer, stood before him.

It was a face any one might look at with pleasure, frank, joyous, and kindly. It was an earnest face too, less marked and earnest than that now looking at her, but with lines of character and firmness. Nelly's expression softened as she gazed. "You are very good, Miss Merton; I have often heard of you too, and wanted to see you as much as you could have done to see me."