As yet, there are only eight inmates besides ourselves, though more are coming next week. Two old couples, one widow, one divorcée, and two spinsters with life-works." "No galloping cherubs?" "School isn't out yet." "I see. It wouldn't be the real thing unless there were little ones to gallop through the corridors at six in the morning and weep at the dinner table. What are the life-works?"

Anyhow, he hasn't committed suicide, though I fancy he has done something worse." "You mean he has followed my example?" suggested Morgan. "Not anything as bad as that. You know I'm only the daughter of a country gentleman and the widow of a baronet. Well, he has consoled himself by marrying the genuine brand of aristocracy, though she's a divorçée.

"One never knows when the next generation will step up or down, and, after all, what does it matter?" "It is all very well for you to talk," said the Critic. "I assure you that the great pageant would have been just as interesting from any other point of view. It has been a great spectacle, this living. I'm glad I've seen it." "Amen to that," said the Divorcée.

She had seen the danger exemplified in more than one of her associates in young Ned Silverton, for instance, the charming fair boy now seated in abject rapture at the elbow of Mrs. Fisher, a striking divorcee with eyes and gowns as emphatic as the head-lines of her "case." Since then he had developed a taste for Mrs.

He spent most of his time gnashing his teeth because the pretty little divorcee was receiving the attentions of young gentlemen in his own set, without the slightest hint of opposition on the part of their parents, while he was obliged to look on from afar off.

After a moment's hesitation he took her lace scarf from the back of her chair, and strolled after her. The Sculptor shrugged his shoulders with such a droll expression that we all had to smile. Then we went indoors. "Well," said the Doctor, as he joined her she told me about it afterwards "was that the way it happened?" "No, no," replied the Divorcée, petulantly.

The man in the case is the young son of a mining Croesus from Montana, who has inherited the major portion of his father's millions and who began to dazzle upper Broadway about a year since by the reckless prodigality of his ways. His blond innamorata is a recent divorcee of high social standing, noted for her sparkling wit and an unflagging exuberance of spirits.

It appeared in some mysterious way to make her more available for their purpose, and she found that, in the character of the last American divorcee, she was even regarded as eligible to the small and intimate inner circle of their loosely-knit association.

"She's enormously wealthy, I hear," said young Lord Fulkeward, another of the languid smokers, caressing his scarcely perceptible moustache. "My mother thinks she is a divorcee." Sir Chetwynd looked very serious, and shook his fat head solemnly. "Well, there is nothing remarkable in being divorced, you know," laughed Ross Courtney. "Nowadays it seems the natural and fitting end of marriage."

Donnelley, once a divorcee, is both charming and interesting. She is a woman of culture, has traveled extensively and is interested in all the social problems of the day. Without her efficient aid, little progress would have been made. Both the Captain and his wife are exceptionally fond of children and animals, and they tell the following amusing incident about one of the Captain's birthdays.