Your father is right; your mouth is too grave. Think of something amusing of the Bal Blanc at Madame d'Etaples, or merely, if you like, of the satisfaction it will give you to be done with these everlasting sittings to be no longer obliged to bear the burden of a secret, in short to get rid of your portrait-painter." She made him no answer, not daring to trust her voice.

Erasmus at Louvain, 1517 He expects the renovation of the Church as the fruit of good learning Controversy with Lefèvre d'Étaples Second journey to Basle, 1518 He revises the edition of the New Testament Controversies with Latomus, Briard and Lee Erasmus regards the opposition of conservative theology merely as a conspiracy against good learning

At Madame Ray's she was simply dismissed. About the close of winter she was told that as Isabelle was soon to be married she would have no time for music till her wedding was over, and about the same time the d'Etaples told her much the same thing.

Yvonne d'Etaples was the incarnation of chic of fashionable elegance in Jacqueline's eyes. Her heart beat with pleasure when she thought how Belle and Dolly would envy her when she told them: "I have a myrtle-green riding-habit, just like Yvonne's." She danced rather than walked as they went together to Blackfern's. A habit was much nicer than a long gown.

I recognized her by her perfume before I had even seen her. What delightful things good perfumes are!" "What is it? Is it heliotrope or jessamine?" asked Yvonne d'Etaples, sniffing in the air. "No it is only orris-root nothing but orris-root; but she puts it everywhere about her in the hem of her petticoat, in the lining of her dress. She lives, one might say, in the middle of a sachet.

Augustin would be herself and some other man some man with whom her acquaintance had been short, since she did not seem to feel in that matter like Giselle. Some one she did not yet know? Was that sure? She might know her future husband already, even now she might have made her choice Marcel d'Etaples, perhaps, who looked so well in uniform, or that M. de Cymier, who led the cotillon so divinely.

The seconds of M. de Cymier were the Prince de Moelk and M. d'Etaples, captain in the th Hussars; those of M. d'Argy Hubert Marien, the painter.

M. de Nailles, while they waited for the tailor, chose two costumes quite as original as those of Mademoiselle d'Etaples, which delighted Jacqueline all the more, because she thought it probable they would displease her stepmother.

These rumors had already withdrawn Marcel d'Etaples from the list of his daughter's suitors. The young fellow was a captain of Hussars, who had no scruple in declaring the reason of his giving up his interest in the young lady.

The deep bow-window her favorite spot which enabled her to have a reception-day in connection with that of her mamma, seemed like a great basket of roses when all her friends assembled there, seated on low chairs in unstudied attitudes: the white rose of the group was Mademoiselle d'Etaples, a specimen of pale and pensive beauty, frail almost to transparency; the Rose of Bengal was the charming Colette Odinska, a girl of Polish race, but born in Paris; the dark-red rose was Isabelle Ray-Belle she was called triumphantly whose dimpled cheeks flushed scarlet for almost any cause, some said for very coquetry.