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"Well," observed Price, "it appears we have had a narrow chance of losing a messmate." "Narrow chance lose two, sar," replied Billy Pitts; "you forgit, sar, I on board schooner!" "Oh, Billy, are you there? How does the dictionary come on?" "Come on well, sar; I make a corundum on Massa Doctor, when on board schooner." "Made a what? a corundum! What can that be?"

We have some agates as good as any from Aberystwith or Perthshire. But what I want now is to open this case. It must be done quite privately, for a most particular reason. It does open, doesn't it? I am sure it does." "Certainly it opens," Mr. Handkin answered, while I trembled with anxiety as he lightly felt it round the edges with fingers engrained with corundum.

This case contains the valuable alumina known as noble corundite, and to jewellers in its formations of ruby, sapphire, and the oriental emerald, topaz, and amethyst. Herein also is the kind of corundum known as emery, and esteemed for its polishing properties.

There is no known substance, not even corundum, hard enough to resist the swift impact of myriads of little stones. It will cut more granite into shape in an hour than a man can in a day. Surely no one will be sorry to learn that General Tilghman sold part of his patents, taken out in October, 1870, for $400,000, and receives the untold benefits of the rest to this day. So much for thinking.

There was a legend to the effect that Maria's people had been at one time immensely wealthy in Central America. Maria turned again to her work. Trina and Marcus watched her curiously. There was a silence. The corundum burr in McTeague's engine hummed in a prolonged monotone. The canary bird chittered occasionally.

This is lined on the bottom and sides with a packing of fine charcoal, O, or such other material as is both a poor conductor of heat and electricity as, for example, in some cases, silica or pulverized corundum or well-burned lime and the charge, P, of ore and broken, granular, or pulverized carbon occupies the center of the box, extending between the carbon plates.

C. W. Jenkes, the superintendent of the Corundum mines, which have recently been opened in that vicinity, advises me thus: "'We have Indians all about us, with traditions extending back for 500 years. In this time they have buried their dead under huge piles of stones.

One of the earliest notable uses of the electric furnace in a large electro-chemical industry was for the production of carborundum, a carbide of silicon, which is remarkably useful as an abrasive, being available in the manufacture of grinding stones and other like purposes to replace emery and corundum.

Such adept professors of conviction and enthusiasm, in the true sense, never actually teach anything new; all they do is to give new forms to beliefs already in being, to arrange the bits of glass, onyx, horn, ivory, porphyry and corundum in the mental kaleidoscope of the populace into novel permutations.

Dave lies in the fern a good part of every day smoking and planning, but as his wife is satisfied that his dream is one of love for her, she is content: besides, she wishes him to rest, being careful of his health and in constant terror lest he may fall a victim to cerebral disease from overwork, which is so common an ailment in the North. Oats and corundum both came according to prophecy.